How Long Does Amazon Take To Review Your Account

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✎ Key Takes:

» Reviews typically appear on Amazon within 72 hours after posting.
» Amazon usually reviews a seller’s account within 5 to 10 days, though this could stretch to 15 days due to delays, particularly in severe cases or when illegal items are involved.

» To reinstate a suspended account, reach out to the Amazon US Help Center using your registered email or start a chat with an Amazon agent for assistance.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Review Your Account:

Amazon’s account review process typically spans from 3 to 10 days, with potential for longer delays. Should complications arise or the issue is uncommon, resolution might extend to 15 days.

Efforts are made by Amazon to resolve and review accounts within the initial 8 to 10 days. If your account remains unreviewed or lacks a response from Amazon, patience is required.

To ascertain the timing for your seller account performance review, reach out to Amazon’s help center for assistance.

What happens when your Amazon Account is Under Review:

There are several restrictions placed on your account if your account is under review:

1. You can’t Sell Items

When your Amazon account undergoes review, understanding the process is crucial for future use.

Should you have recently breached an Amazon policy or experienced a significant decline in performance, your account might be suspended.

Throughout the review phase, the product listings on your Amazon seller account won’t be visible to potential buyers or your audience. Consequently, you won’t be able to conduct sales during this period. Your seller account remains hidden from shoppers until Amazon completes the review and reinstates your account.

2. Can’t Accept Payments

Throughout the review period when your account is suspended, Amazon payments won’t be transferred to your linked bank account. These funds remain on hold within your Amazon Sellers account until your account undergoes a successful review and becomes operational again.

Upon the restoration of your seller account, the funds will automatically transfer to your bank account, allowing you to resume receiving payments from shoppers.

However, if during the review it’s determined that your account has breached multiple policies or sold illegal items, reinstatement might not occur automatically. In such cases, you’ll need to file an appeal for assistance.

3. You can’t log in (In Some Severe Cases)

During certain Amazon seller account reviews, accessing your account may not be possible, but this occurs only in severe instances where policy violations or repeated deception of shoppers have taken place.

In these severe cases, the likelihood of sellers regaining their Amazon seller account after review is minimal.

Occasionally, sellers knowingly or unknowingly partake in activities on their Amazon account that contravene regulations. Such actions can result in a permanent ban or suspension of their account. If you’ve unintentionally violated a policy, seeking assistance from Amazon support through an appeal is recommended.

What To Do If Amazon Account is Suspended or Under Review:

These things you might consider doing:

1. Contact Amazon Help Center

If you believe your suspended account hasn’t been evaluated correctly or an error occurred during the review process, reaching out to Amazon’s US help center using your registered email is advised.

Here are the steps to contact Amazon’s help center and recover your seller’s account:

🔴 Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon seller’s account.

Step 2: Navigate to Help located in the top left corner.

Step 3: Select Recommended for you.

Step 4: Click on Get Support under Need more help.

Step 5: Choose Selling on Amazon.

Step 6: Click on Contact Us.

Step 7: Select your preferred language.

Step 8: Opt for Email as your communication method.

Step 9: You’ll be directed to the email tab to compose a detailed description of the issue and request assistance in recovering your account.

Step 10: Finally, click on Submit.

2. Initiate a Chat with an Amazon Agent

An alternative method to regain access to your account involves initiating a chat with an Amazon agent. Access the Contact Us section within your Amazon account to connect with an assigned Amazon agent. Clearly and succinctly describe the issue, emphasizing that your account has been suspended without proper justification and request a reevaluation.

You have the option to send a screenshot of your Amazon seller account suspension details during the chat. Alternatively, inquire whether sending the screenshot via email is preferable. While this method doesn’t guarantee the immediate removal of the suspension, the agent will notify the relevant authorities for a reevaluation of your account.

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