WhatsApp Tracker – How To Check Someone’s Location On WhatsApp

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✎ Key Takes:

» To track someone’s location on WhatsApp, methods like sending links or utilizing social engineering tactics can be employed.

» Platforms like Grabify or IPLogger generate shortened links, enabling discreet tracking of individuals who interact with the link, facilitating location monitoring without drawing attention.

How To Check Someone’s Location On WhatsApp:

You can try the following methods:

1. Grabify IP Tracker for WhatsApp

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Shorten a link from the Grabify webpage

Select a URL and paste it into the designated box on the Grabify page. Then, select the ‘Create URL’ option to obtain a shortened URL accompanied by a tracking code—remember to save this code for later use.

Ensure the chosen link is captivating, such as a meme or a YouTube video, to maximize engagement.

Step 2: Send him the Link through WhatsApp text

Begin by establishing rapport through regular conversation to build trust. Sending original content during these interactions is crucial; introducing the link too early might discourage the person from clicking on it.

Once a level of familiarity is established, share the shortened URL you’ve created, enhancing the likelihood of the person clicking on the link.

Step 3: Clicking on the link, his location will be recorded

After he clicks the link, revisit the Grabify website and input the previously obtained Tracking code. Begin tracking his activity to retrieve your desired results.

Step 4: Tracking the information with the Grabify access link

It’s crucial to track details using the Grabify link, ensuring the person clicks on it. Make the link as enticing as possible; otherwise, you won’t acquire any information.

2. IPLogger Tool for WhatsApp

 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the IPLogger website on your browser

Look up the IP Logger webpage via your browser or follow this link: https://iplogger.org/.

Copy the URL of a charming video and paste it into the designated field within the provided box. Then, select the ‘Create a shortlink’ option, which will yield a code and a URL for you.

Step 2: Send him the link as a WhatsApp text

Once the shortened link is generated, share it with the recipient using WhatsApp. Opt for a meme or a social media channel link, as this increases the likelihood of the recipient clicking on the link.

Step 3: Initiating IP Address Tracking

After receiving clicks from their users, access the link provided and return to the IP Logger page where you initially created the link. Enter the previously obtained tracking code and select the ‘It’s a tracking code’ option.

Step 4: Accessing WhatsApp Number Details

Upon acquiring all essential user information, you can determine the location associated with the WhatsApp number and gather additional pertinent details.

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