Tech-startup Spotlight: The Cloudbee

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Since its start in July 2019, The Cloudbee, led by founder Furqan Sulaiman Siddiqui, has been a standout in the tech world. Starting with modest earnings, the company has grown significantly, thanks to its commitment to offering top-notch services to its clients.

One key to Cloudbee’s success is its partnerships with big names like Zs Corporation. Through collaborations led by Afnan Khan, their Lead Engineer and Analyst, The Cloudbee has helped companies like Zs Corporation improve their operations and make more money. The company has also been a part of the Institute of Business Administration Karachi’s first paperless career fair, showing its dedication to innovative solutions.

But The Cloudbee doesn’t just work with big companies. They’ve also made a big impact on smaller ventures like “Kaamwala,” a popular daily needs service in Karachi. By focusing on what customers need, The Cloudbee has helped businesses like Kaamwala grow and succeed.

Now, The Cloudbee is looking to expand even further, with plans to bring its services to the United Kingdom. With a focus on creating custom solutions that meet each client’s needs, The Cloudbee is set to continue leading the way in the tech world.

Check out their website here.

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