How to Choose High Performance Waterproof Connectors?

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Waterproof connectors, also known as waterproof plugs or waterproof cables, are essential components that ensure the safe and reliable transmission of power and signals in environments exposed to water. They are used for LED outdoor lighting, automation equipment, marine, military, and various other industries. To meet the diverse needs of these applications, waterproof connectors must meet the specific performance standards to ensure their functionality and durability. In this blog, we will explore the common performance standards for waterproof connectors.

Temperature Resistance

One of the crucial performance standards for waterproof male and female connectors is their temperature resistance. Connectors may operate in a wide range of temperatures, from extreme cold to scorching heat. The highest working temperature for connectors is typically 200°C, except for specialized high-temperature connectors, while the lowest can go down to -65°C. It’s important to note that the working temperature of a connector should ideally match the ambient temperature plus the contact temperature. This is due to the fact that electrical currents passing through connectors generate heat at the contact points, which can affect their overall performance.

Humidity Resistance

Moisture can significantly affect the insulating properties of connectors and can lead to the corrosion of metal components. Therefore, humidity resistance is a crucial parameter for waterproof connectors. Continuous damp-heat testing conditions usually involve a relative humidity of 95% (or even up to 98%, depending on the product specifications) and a temperature of +40±20°C. The minimum test duration is specified by the product standards and typically lasts for at least 96 hours. Alternating damp-heat testing conditions are even more stringent.

Salt Spray Resistance

Connectors used in moisture and salt content environments can experience electrochemical corrosion on the metal structural parts and contact surfaces. To evaluate their resistance to such conditions, salt spray testing is employed. During this test, connectors are suspended inside a controlled test chamber where a specified concentration of sodium chloride solution is sprayed using compressed air, creating a salt spray atmosphere. The exposure time is determined by the product specifications and typically lasts for at least 48 hours.

Vibration and Shock Resistance

Vibration and shock resistance are critical performance standards for waterproof connectors, particularly in applications like aerospace, aviation, railways, and road transportation. These standards gauge the mechanical robustness of the connector’s structure and the reliability of electrical contacts in challenging environments.

Other Environmental Performance

Depending on the specific application requirements, additional environmental performance standards for waterproof connectors may include:

Sealing (air leakage, liquid pressure): Assessing the connector’s ability to maintain a proper seal to prevent the ingress of air or liquid.

Immersion in liquids (resistance to specific chemicals): Evaluating the connector’s resistance to immersion in certain liquids or chemicals.

Low-pressure environments: Ensuring the connector’s functionality in low-pressure conditions, which can be relevant for aerospace or high-altitude applications.


Waterproof connectors are essential for a wide range of industries where exposure to water is a common occurrence. To guarantee their reliability and performance, these connectors must meet the specific standards related to temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration and shock resistance, and other environmental parameters. Following these standards ensures that waterproof connectors can function effectively in demanding conditions, providing safety and reliability for various applications.

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