How To Know If Your Twitter Is Monitored

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✎ Key Takes:

» If you suspect your Twitter account is being monitored or hacked, review your account’s past logins and ensure your phone is free of malware.
» If you suspect someone is spying on your account, monitor metrics such as tweet impressions, replies, and shares.

How To Know If Your Twitter Is Being Monitored:

You can try the following methods to know if your Twitter is being monitored:

1. You Past Logins

To determine if your Twitter account is being monitored, you can review its past logins. If someone has accessed your account from any device, you can verify this by examining the past login records. If you primarily use Twitter on your phone,…

🔯 For Phone:

Begin by clicking on your Profile icon located in the top left corner. Then, navigate to “Settings & Support” and click on “Settings and privacy”.

Next, access the “Security and account access” section and choose “Apps and sessions”. Here, you’ll find a record of both your past and active logins.

🔯 For PC:

Begin by accessing your account and clicking on “More” located on the left side of your screen.

Then, tap on “Settings and Support”, followed by “Settings and privacy”.

From there, select “Security and account access” and navigate to the “Apps and sessions” page to review.

2. Your Phone May Have Malware

Experiencing unusual activities on your account could indicate the presence of malware on your device. Malware can disrupt the normal functioning of your device and applications, causing unexpected behavior.

Ensure that your PC or phone is free from malware by running an antivirus scan to detect and remove any malicious software. This will help safeguard your device and prevent further disruptions.

How To Tell If Someone Is Spying On Your Twitter:

You have to look at these things below:

1. You Would See Impressions Count on Posted Tweets

You can determine if someone is spying on your Twitter account by monitoring the impressions count on your posted tweets. If your account is being monitored, you may notice immediate impression counts exceeding 1 in the viewers’ analytics.

To check, simply open the tweet you recently published, and click on the “View Tweet activity” option located at the bottom of the post. This action will redirect you to a new window where you can view impressions, engagements, detail expands, and more.

2. Replies & Shares on Tweets

If someone is monitoring your profile, they may engage with your tweets by replying to them. Particularly, if you tweet something impactful, those monitoring your profile may react by commenting or retweeting your tweet.

You can infer that someone is spying on your account if you notice immediate engagement with your tweets, such as instant comments, likes, and retweets.

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