How To Trace Someone’s Location On Signal

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✎ Key Points:

» Locate someone on Signal by reviewing their profile and identifying the country code linked to their phone number.
» Request the user’s voluntary sharing of their location on Signal for precise tracking, ensuring respect for their privacy and obtaining their consent.

How To Trace Someone’s Location On Signal:

You have the following methods to find someone’s location on Signal:

1. Check His Profile For More Details

To determine the location of a Signal user, examine their profile, as Signal accounts are associated with phone numbers. Extract the user’s phone number and country code from the profile details. The unique country code corresponds to the user’s country of origin.

Carefully scrutinize the profile for additional location-related information. If no other clues or indications are found, consider utilizing the alternative method outlined below.

2. Ask To Share Location

When seeking the location of a Signal user, requesting them to share their location enables you to track their movements within the Signal app.

Below are the steps to guide you on how to share a location on Signal:

🔴 Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Launch the Signal app. Step 2: Open the chat of the user whose location you want to obtain. Step 3: Tap the + icon on the left side of the chat box. Step 4: Select “Location.” Step 5: Enter the address in the search bar. Step 6: Tap the paper plane icon to send the location. Step 7: Your location will be promptly shared with the user via chat.

3. Google Search For More Information

To uncover the details of a Signal user, conduct a Google search using their phone number to identify the account owner.

The search results typically yield the owner’s name, links to their social media profiles, and potentially details about associated businesses or websites. Exploring these links or websites can offer further insights into the account owner.

4. Track Using Grabify

Tracking the IP address of a Signal user can be done quite simply using the Grabify IP Logger tool. Here are the steps to follow in order to utilize Grabify IP Logger for tracking Signal user IP addresses.

Step 1: Shorten a link from Grabify IP Logger

First, copy a link to an intriguing or amusing video or article. Then, search for the Grabify IP Logger tool via Google.

Once you’ve found Grabify, paste the copied link into the provided input box. Generate a shortened link by clicking the “Create URL” button below the input box. Subsequently, agree to the terms and conditions to proceed to the next page.

Step 2: Copy the Shortened link

Upon reaching the Link Information page, you’ll find the shortened link and the tracking code.

To track the location of the Signal user, share the shortened link with them. Click the “Copy” button beside the New URL to copy the shortened link, which will be stored in your clipboard.

Step 3: Send the link and ask user to click on it

Once you’ve copied the shortened link, open the Signal app and locate the user whose location you wish to discover.

Paste the shortened link into the text box and send it to the user. Along with the link, convey a message instructing the user to click on the link and view the associated video or article.

Allow some time for the user to click on the link.

Step 4: Access the tracking link

Upon the user clicking the link, Grabify captures their IP address and redirects them to the original content.

Access the tracking link on Grabify to review the results. Within the results, you’ll find details such as the number of clicks, the user’s IP address, country, and more.

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