How To Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts

How To Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts

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✎ Key Points:

Simply search the individual’s name and compare profiles for matching details.
Additionally, monitor uploaded stories on those accounts and save the numbers to your phone contacts. This way, you’ll receive notifications if they create a new account.

How To Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts:

Try the following methods to tell if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts:

1. Save the Contact Number

The simplest yet most effective method is to ‘Save the contact’ of your friend. When you save their contact and synchronize it with Snapchat, they will automatically appear on your add friend list. Thus, if you notice more than one account, you’ll know there are multiple accounts associated.

There are various reasons for having multiple accounts, such as forgetting the password for the old one or encountering issues with the previous account and opting to create a new one. To determine which account is currently active, you can add them as a friend on all IDs. Whichever ID they accept is their active account.

2. Look at Snap Score

On Snapchat, users accumulate points called a snap score whenever they send or receive snaps. This score reflects their activity level on the platform with a particular account. A higher score indicates greater activity, while a lower score suggests a newer account.

Moreover, a consistently low snap score indicates inactivity with that particular Snapchat account. To identify multiple accounts using this approach, gather all the accounts and examine their snap scores individually. The newer profile will typically have the lowest score.

3. Send Snaps to Those People

Another effective method to gauge activity across multiple Snapchat accounts is by sending snaps and observing responses from your friends. To do this, start by identifying all the accounts in question and adding them to your friends list. Then, wait for them to add you back.

Send a snap that prompts a reaction they can’t easily control. The account that adds you back is likely the active one. If they add you back from all accounts, it’s a sign that your friend is indeed using multiple profiles.

Therefore, to verify this, ensure you add them as a friend first; otherwise, your snap won’t be delivered.

4. Their Recent Posts

Another dependable approach involves examining recent stories across all profiles. If you notice similar recent posts on multiple profiles, it’s a strong indication that those profiles are active and your friend may indeed have multiple accounts.

While Snapchat doesn’t offer an option to save posts or stories, observing if the person shares similar stories across different accounts can also provide valuable insight.

5. Google the Person’s Name

Given the widespread reliance on Google for information, it can serve as a resource for addressing this issue. Begin by conducting a Google search using the term ‘Snapchat accounts of [person’s name]’ and review the results. If the profile details align with those of your friend, you’ve likely found the relevant account.

Why Would Someone Have 2 Snapchat Accounts:

He may have the following reasons:

1. Separate Promotional and Personal Accounts

If you discover that an individual maintains two equally active Snapchat accounts, they likely serve distinct purposes. One account may be private, intended for personal use, while the other could be utilized for business or promotional activities.

Typically, the business account will be public, indicated by the ability to view its stories without following the account.

2. Lost Access to Previous Account

If you come across an individual with two distinct Snapchat accounts, and one of them remains inactive without any story posts, it’s likely the inactive account is their previous one, which they may have lost access to.

In response, they created a second account, which they currently use for posting stories and maintaining Snap streaks.

To streamline your interactions, you can unfollow the inactive account and focus on following the active one exclusively.

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