If I Clear Data On TikTok Will It Delete My Drafts

If I Clear Data On TikTok Will It Delete My Drafts

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✎ Key Takes:

» Clearing the TikTok cache primarily removes temporary profile data like login details and search history, which boosts the app’s performance.
» However, clearing the cache won’t erase drafts or important profile info securely stored on TikTok’s servers.

If I Clear Cache On TikTok Will It Delete My Drafts:

When you clear the cache on TikTok, your drafts are not removed. They’re stored independently, unaffected by cache clearance.

If you find your drafts missing post-cache clearance, there might be another underlying problem. It’s advisable to verify if the drafts were accidentally deleted or if changes in settings or app updates affected them.

What Happens When You Clear The Cache On TikTok:

There are a few things that will happen when you clear the cache:

1. You’ll need to sign in again

Clearing the cache on TikTok removes login credentials, requiring you to log in again to access your account.

Yet, there’s no need to fear losing crucial profile content as the cache only stores temporary information, not vital data from your profile.

2. Improves Performance and Speed

As you use the app, cache data accumulates and can affect its functioning. Regularly clearing this data prevents interference with the application’s operations.

Accumulated cache data can lead to minor, frequent glitches in the TikTok app. Clearing it resolves these issues, enhancing app performance and speeding up processes.

Whether you’re a frequent or occasional TikTok user, your cache size varies. Regardless, regular cleanup is essential to maintain the app’s performance.

3. Watch history and search history get cleared out

Many users worry about losing important content when clearing TikTok’s cache. However, it’s primarily preloaded profile info, watch history, and searches that are removed.

Clearing the cache eliminates insignificant profile data, causing minimal noticeable changes.

TikTok stores watched content and searches in the cache for quicker access later. Yet, crucial items like drafts remain untouched in the cache. Hence, clearing it doesn’t result in any losses.

4. Free up the storage

To reclaim storage space, consider clearing TikTok’s cache data when you’re low on storage.

Regular monthly clearing prevents excessive accumulation, which otherwise occupies internal storage. This process frees up space by removing old and unimportant details.

Does Clearing Cache on TikTok delete the liked videos?

Clearing TikTok’s cache won’t remove liked or uploaded videos. It holds details of your viewing history, filters, effects, log-in info, etc., so clearing the cache will delete this history.

However, clearing the cache improves app performance, frees storage, and fixes minor glitches. Your uploads, comments, etc., are securely stored on TikTok’s servers, unaffected by cache clearance.

Since cached data accumulates over time, it’s good practice to clear it monthly to prevent excessive buildup.

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