How To Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp: How To Know

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✎ Key Takes:

» Your online status is easily visible to your contacts on WhatsApp when you’re active in the app.
» To freeze your last seen on WhatsApp without affecting your friends’ visibility, utilize the app’s settings to turn off your own last seen while still allowing others to see when you are online.

How To Know If Someone Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp?

If someone’s Last Seen isn’t updating, it could be because the person hasn’t been active since the last check. However, it’s also possible they’ve used the app while offline, preventing the WhatsApp server from updating their Last Seen.

When someone’s Last Seen hasn’t updated for a while, they might no longer be using that WhatsApp account or have uninstalled the app. You can verify by sending a message.

Double gray tick marks indicate the message reached them, while a single gray mark suggests it didn’t, possibly due to the account being inactive.

If you can’t see someone’s Last Seen anymore, it’s likely because they’ve turned it off.

How To Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp:

Try the following methods below to freeze last seen:

1. From The Settings

If you want to freeze the last seen on WhatsApp for a single person without them seeing your activity, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp Settings >> Privacy.

Step 2: Navigate to the Last seen section and choose ‘My contacts’ for last seen visibility.

Step 3: Delete the person from your contact list. By removing their number from your phone contacts, your last seen details won’t be visible to that specific individual anymore.

That’s all you need to do.

2. Using WAMR App

You can download statuses and recover deleted messages, images, etc. with this app.

🔗 Link: Status Saver & Recovery App on Google Play Store

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Google Play Store and download the app. Grant the app permission to access your notifications and storage when prompted.

Step 2: Select WhatsApp within the app. You can then access your saved chats, media files, and statuses. From the chats section, you can also hide your Last Seen status.

How to show old Last seen on WhatsApp:

If someone hasn’t been active on WhatsApp for a while, their Last Seen status will remain unchanged until they come online again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you Freeze the Last Seen on WhatsApp for One Contact?

No, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a feature to freeze your Last Seen from specific contacts, but you can hide it from all contacts by setting it to Nobody.

If you prefer not to share your Last Seen time with contacts not saved in your phone book, you can switch it to My Contacts. However, if you want to conceal your Last Seen time from everyone, you should set it to Nobody.

To freeze your Last Seen so it doesn’t update when you’re online, you can read messages in WhatsApp with your Wi-Fi or data connection turned off. Additionally, you shouldn’t connect your phone to a data or Wi-Fi network while using WhatsApp.

Your Last Seen time won’t update if you’re not connected to a data or Wi-Fi network, and it will remain the same.

2. Why did the Sender’s Last Seen Show Yesterday but message you Today?

When you notice someone’s Last Seen time appears to be from yesterday but they’ve replied to your messages today, it’s likely because they haven’t opened the WhatsApp application to respond.

Users who receive notifications for WhatsApp messages and calls can view incoming messages from the notifications bar. Messages received in the Notification Panel offer two options: Reply and Mark as read.

By selecting Reply, users can respond to messages directly from the top notifications panel without opening WhatsApp.

Therefore, if a user replies from the notification panel without opening WhatsApp, their Last Seen time won’t update.

Additionally, if a user opens WhatsApp, composes messages while offline, closes the app, then reconnects to the internet to send the messages, their Last Seen time won’t update and may show as yesterday.

WhatsApp permits sending and receiving messages in the background, enabling users to freeze their Last Seen time by disabling their data connection before opening WhatsApp. They can then re-enable it after closing the app.

During this time, they can compose messages that will automatically send once the data connection is restored.

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