What Happens If You Report Someone On WhatsApp & Will They Know

What Happens If You Report Someone On WhatsApp & Will They Know

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Your Quick Answer:

You can quickly flag any unwelcome behavior by selecting the ‘Report’ option.

Rest assured, the other party will not be notified when you report and block them on WhatsApp. Your actions will remain confidential.

Once reported, the user will be unable to message, voice call, or video call you on WhatsApp, and any chat associated with that account will be automatically deleted upon reporting.

Furthermore, WhatsApp will actively monitor and supervise the reported account’s activities and may take necessary actions, including potential account bans, in the future.

If You Report Someone On Whatsapp Will They Know:

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to report someone’s behavior on WhatsApp, you might be concerned about whether they will be aware of your action.

Rest assured, when you report someone on WhatsApp, the individual you reported will not receive any notifications or direct indications that you’ve reported them.

If you come across any abusive or inappropriate content or behavior on WhatsApp, reporting is a recommended course of action. Reporting helps maintain a safe environment for all users on the platform.

It’s important to emphasize responsible reporting for valid reasons. False or malicious reports can have consequences and may potentially violate WhatsApp’s terms of service.”

If I Report And Block Someone On WhatsApp Will They Know:

WhatsApp offers a feature that enables you to report undesirable contacts directly to the platform. When you report a contact to WhatsApp, there is no direct notification sent to the reported party, ensuring their unawareness of the action.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp has certain consequences: the person will be unable to send you messages or make calls, and their messages and calls will not reach your device. However, unless they recognize these indications, the user may not realize that they have been blocked.

WhatsApp maintains the confidentiality of your reporting and blocking actions, ensuring that the reported contact is not directly notified. However, it’s worth noting that the absence of a profile picture and the non-delivery of messages for an extended period may raise suspicions for the reported contact.

What Happens When You Report Someone On WhatsApp:

There are certain things that will happen once you report a contact on WhatsApp.

Let’s discuss these in detail:

1. The Number will be Blocked upon Reporting

When you report a contact on WhatsApp, the report is swiftly processed, resulting in an immediate block of the reported number by WhatsApp.

As a result, when reporting a contact, there’s no need to manually block them to stop messages and calls. You can opt for direct reporting, which will automatically block the contact, preventing any further messages or calls from reaching you.

Once you select the “Report” button from the options and confirm, a message will promptly appear on the screen stating, “Report sent,” along with the name or number of the contact, followed by “has been blocked.”

This message confirms that the unwanted contact you reported on WhatsApp has not only been reported but also blocked, thereby preventing them from sending messages, viewing statuses, making calls, or accessing your profile information such as DP, About, or active status.

2. Reported Number would not be able to Text or Call

When you report a phone number on WhatsApp, it automatically blocks the contact, preventing them from sending messages and making calls. Once the contact is reported and subsequently blocked, they lose the ability to send you messages or call you on WhatsApp.

It’s important to note that the reported user will not receive notifications about the reporting or blocking of their number by you. Any messages sent by the blocked user will not be delivered to your WhatsApp, and even if they attempt to call you, it won’t trigger a notification on your end.

From the reported contact’s perspective, the calling status will show as “Calling” and not “Ringing” on their phone, but the call will not reach your phone. Reporting serves as a swift and effective alternative to manual blocking, as it achieves the same result in one step.

All messages sent by the reported contact will only display a single checkmark, indicating that they are “Sent” but not “Delivered” from the sender’s side.

3. Previous Chats and Messages will be Deleted

When you decide to report a chat on WhatsApp, it’s important to be aware that the moment you report the contact, WhatsApp will promptly block the contact from your account and erase all previous chats, messages, and call history.

Once you’ve reported someone on WhatsApp, you’ll no longer have access to any of the previous conversations or messages you had with that specific contact. These chat histories will be reported to WhatsApp and immediately deleted from your chat section or chat history in WhatsApp.

Consequently, all previous audio messages, videos, pictures, and other media shared in the conversation will also be removed from your WhatsApp chat history. WhatsApp retains a copy of your last five messages, along with user IDs, contact details, and message types, for its records.

In essence, this process not only blocks the reported contact but also wipes out the entire chat history associated with that number.

4. The Number will be Monitored by WhatsApp

When you report a contact, WhatsApp initiates continuous monitoring to identify inappropriate behavior. Upon reporting someone, WhatsApp automatically blocks the contact from your account and sends a record of your last five messages, including the user ID, phone number, and other account details, to WhatsApp. These details are used to monitor the activities of the reported contact.

Reported messages are subject to scrutiny by WhatsApp to detect any inappropriate content.

The reported contact is placed under WhatsApp’s surveillance, and its activities are closely monitored. If the same number is reported multiple times, WhatsApp may ultimately decide to ban the account due to its inappropriate actions.

While the decision to ban an account may require several reports, the account remains under WhatsApp’s watchful eye until that determination is made. Consequently, you can anticipate that WhatsApp will take action to ban the reported account sooner or later.

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