What Does Amazon Order Pending Mean & How Long

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» You can verify the status of your Amazon order by checking if it’s pending, indicating that the server is in the process of verifying payment before confirmation.
» If your order is pending, take a moment to reconsider your purchase. Pending status allows for cancellation before confirmation. In case of delays, reach out to Amazon Help or await the specified delivery date. Alternatively, you can cancel the pending order and make a new purchase from a different seller to address any issues.”

What Does Amazon Order Pending Mean:

“If your Amazon order status shows as Pending, it indicates that the server is currently processing your order request. At this stage, your order hasn’t been finalized.

While pending, Amazon primarily verifies whether your payment was successful or not. Typically, within thirty minutes, a successful payment will likely result in your order being placed.”

How Long Does Amazon Pending Verification Take?

“If your Amazon order is stuck on pending, wait for about 30 minutes to see if it transitions to ‘Ordered.’ Often, within this time frame, the server updates the status, especially for slower payment updates.

Yet, for credit or debit card authorization issues or in cases of delays, it might take up to three weeks or until the delivery time for the order status to change.”

How To Fix If An Amazon Order Is Pending:

Try the following fixes below:

1. Contact Amazon Help

If an order remains pending for several days on Amazon, it’s advisable to reach out to Amazon Help through their official website to inquire about the shipping, delivery status, and the reason behind the pending order. Here are the steps to contact Amazon Help from the website:

🔴 Steps to Follow:

  • Go to www.amazon.com in a web browser to access the Amazon website.
  • Click on the “Your Account” button and then select “Sign In” to log in to your Amazon account.
  • Scroll down and locate the “Help” option.
  • Under the “Browse Help Topics” header, find and click on “Need More Help.”
  • Click on “Contact Us” located on the right side of the page.
  • Choose “An order I placed” as the option to begin.
  • Select “More order issues.”
  • Further select “Placing an order.”
  • You’ll find three contact methods—pick from email, phone, or chat.
  • Describe the issue comprehensively, inquiring about the pending order’s status, delivery date, and the reason behind the status delay.

2. Wait Till its Delivery Time

No need to presume that your order won’t go through just because it’s on hold or showing as Pending. Wait until the scheduled delivery time or date and observe if there’s any change in the order status.

Check if you receive the item by the specified delivery date or if the status remains unchanged. If there’s no change, consider reaching out to Amazon Help to clarify the exact delivery status and whether the order is on track for delivery.

By the delivery date, there’s a high chance the order status will be confirmed on your Amazon account, providing an update. However, if this doesn’t occur, you still have the option to cancel the order.

3. Cancel & Place New Order From Another Seller

If an order on Amazon fails to process even after waiting for weeks, it’s advisable to cancel the order. Canceling orders on Amazon is free of charge.

To resolve the pending order issue, cancel the original order and place a new one for the same item. However, when reordering, opt for a different seller to avoid encountering a similar problem.

Any payment made for the initial order will be refunded within 7 to 10 business days. If you haven’t received the refund within this timeframe, it’s recommended to reach out to Amazon support for assistance.

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