How To Replay A Snap More Than Twice

How To Replay A Snap More Than Twice

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✎ Key Points:

» To revisit a Snap on Snapchat, open the chat, tap to play, and hold onto it for additional replays.

» If you wish to replay a Snap more than twice, activate airplane mode before replaying. This allows you to repeat the process as many times as desired.

How To Replay A Snap More Than Twice:

There are certain ways that you need to follow to reopen Snaps more than once:

1. Using Airplane Mode

Unlock your Snapchat snaps with this simple trick using airplane mode:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application on your device, then activate airplane mode from the top panel by dragging it down.

Step 2: Navigate to the chat section by swiping right from the camera screen. In this section, recent chats with unopened snaps will be labeled as New Snap in red.

Step 3: With the device in airplane mode, open the chat containing the unopened snap and click on the snap to view it. You can also replay the snap by holding onto it.

Step 4: Uninstall Snapchat and then reinstall it. As your device remains in airplane mode, your activities won’t be updated on the Snapchat app.

By keeping the device in airplane mode, your account activities won’t be refreshed, and the snap will continue to appear as a New Snap even after multiple viewings in airplane mode.

2. Replay Snap

“Another effective approach to revisit your snaps is by using the replay feature. This method is applicable only to snaps that haven’t been viewed or opened previously and are labeled as ‘New Snap’ in your chat section.

Follow these steps for a seamless experience with this trick:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat Application.

Step 2: Swipe right from the camera screen to access the chat section.

Step 3: Click on the chat containing the unopened snap labeled as New Snap.

Step 4: After clicking on a new snap, stay on the same page instead of going back.

Step 5: Once the snap ends, you’ll see an empty checkbox in red or purple with the text ‘Hold to replay or save’ beside it. In some cases, the box may appear next to a message saying ‘Hold to replay’ instead.

Step 6: Press and hold the square box until it fills, indicating that the snap is ready to be reopened.

Step 7: Tap on the square, and the snap will be replayed once again.

3. Reinstall After Viewing

The next effective approach is to reinstall Snapchat after viewing a snap. It’s essential to note that before opening a New Snap, you must enable airplane mode on your device to prevent Snapchat from updating your account activities; otherwise, this method may not succeed.

The key is to view a snap without an internet or WiFi connection on your phone, with airplane mode activated, and then proceed to uninstall and reinstall the application.

Follow these bold steps to use this trick repeatedly and view your snaps multiple times:

Step 1: Head to the Snapchat application and swipe right from the camera screen to open the chat section.

Step 2: Turn on airplane mode by dragging down the upper panel.

Step 3: Click on the chat with the text ‘New Snap’ displayed. Open the snap to view it.

Step 4: After viewing the snap, uninstall the Snapchat application before turning off airplane mode.

Step 5: Turn off airplane mode and connect your phone to WiFi or mobile data.

Step 6: Reinstall the Snapchat application from the play store and log in with your details.

Even though you’ve viewed the new snap, it will still appear as unopened since your account activity wasn’t updated during airplane mode. This allows you to apply the same process to view it repeatedly.

How To Reopen Snaps On Snapchat Unlimited Times:

“When a snap is viewed with the device in airplane mode, it remains unrecognized and unupdated as a viewed or opened snap; instead, it continues to be displayed as a ‘New Snap’ in your chatbox.

To reopen a snap an unlimited number of times, consistently turn on airplane mode before opening the New Snap from the chat.

After each viewing, promptly uninstall the Snapchat application before turning off airplane mode or connecting your phone to WiFi.

Once a snap is viewed or opened conventionally, it is marked as ‘Received’ and cannot be opened again.

However, for snaps viewed after enabling airplane mode, the unlimited reopening is possible by uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat each time you view the snap.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to replay a snap without them knowing?

To discreetly replay a snap without the sender knowing, activate Airplane mode, view the snap, capture screenshots if desired, and then uninstall the app. Upon uninstallation, the account’s data will be cleared. You can then log back in to your account and verify that the message remains unread.

2. How to know if someone replayed your snap?

In addition to chats and snaps, Snapchat notifications encompass the replaying of snaps. This means you will receive notifications when someone replays your snap. Make sure you have enabled Snapchat notifications; if you choose to turn them off, you can still access them through the chat.

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