What Does Status Mean On Snapchat

What Does Status Mean On Snapchat

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Your Quick Answer:

» Utilize the Snap Map feature on Snapchat to update your status, giving friends a glimpse of both your location and activity.
» Enhance personalization by incorporating a Bitmoji to convey your current status when updating it on the Snap Map.

What Does Status Mean On Snapchat:

When you launch the Snapchat app, various icons will accompany your friends’ names, signifying their current status or engagement within the app.

It’s crucial to observe these icons as they provide insights into your friends’ activities. For instance, a yellow heart signifies a mutual best friendship on Snapchat.

If you spot a gray arrow adjacent to a name, it indicates that someone has sent you a Snap, but you haven’t opened it yet. Simply tap on their name to view the Snap and continue the conversation.

Snapchat statuses can change frequently based on your friends’ activities, so don’t be concerned if you see different icons appearing periodically.

How To Change Status On Snapchat:

Follow these bold steps to update your status on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Snap Map page by pinching your fingers together on the camera screen.

Step 3: Tap on the Status button at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Select a custom Bitmoji to depict your status, set your preferred location, and your Snapchat status will be successfully updated.

Where Is The Status Button On Snapchat:

“When updating your Snapchat status, locate the status button conveniently positioned at the lower left side of your screen.

This switch enables you to select the activity you’re currently engaged in for your status update.

The functionality of the status button is unique, allowing users to choose their current activity and share it with others through their status.

If you’re having trouble finding the status button, follow this guide:

◘ Open the Snapchat application, and on the camera screen, locate the Snap Map button at the extreme lower-left corner. Tap on this option.

◘ Once on the Snap Map, your current location is displayed.

◘ Look for the status button named ‘My Bitmoji’ in the lower-left corner and click on it to update your activity on the Snap Map.

By following these steps and choosing your activity, you can inform others about your new status.”

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