How To CallTruth Cancel Membership

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✎ Key Takes:

» To terminate your CallTruth subscription, contact their customer care number at +1 (800) 208-3162. Provide your registered email ID, billing information, and a valid reason for cancellation during the call.
» Alternatively, you can opt for an email-based cancellation by sending a message to [email protected] with the subject “Requesting a cancellation of CallTruth subscription.” Include your registered email, reason for cancellation, and billing details in the email.

How To Cancel CallTruth Subscription:

You have literally two ways to cancel a CallTruth subscription:

1. Cancel CallTruth Subscription

To discontinue your CallTruth subscription, avoid using their website; instead, contact their customer care service for cancellation. Typically, premium service subscriptions can be terminated via the official website, but with CallTruth, this process differs significantly.

To cancel, call their customer service and provide your CallTruth profile’s linked email, billing details, and the reason for cancellation. Your subscription can only be canceled if you furnish the registered email and a valid reason.

During the call, maintain clarity and a courteous tone with the customer care representatives. Use the correct customer care number, which is +1 (800) 208-3162. Note that CallTruth’s services are limited to the USA, so the call must be placed from within the country to proceed with cancellation.

🔴 Steps:

Step 1: Dial +1 (800) 208-3162 on your phone.

Step 2: Connect with CallTruth’s customer care.

Step 3: Request cancellation of your subscription.

Step 4: Provide accurate information – your name, email, billing details, and the reason for canceling.

Step 5: Upon successful cancellation, expect a confirmation email from CallTruth.

2. Subscription Using Email

An alternative method to cancel your CallTruth subscription involves contacting their customer care via email. Since premium members can’t cancel their subscriptions through the official website, a cancellation request must be made to the customer care team via email.

When initiating the cancellation, ensure that the email is sent from the same email ID linked to your CallTruth profile. During the subscription process, users provide an email address for verification, which must match when requesting cancellation; otherwise, the cancellation won’t be processed.

Compose an email with the subject “Requesting to cancel my CallTruth subscription.” Start by expressing your intent to cancel the premium subscription. Include your email ID and billing details, specifying the subscribed plan and the charged amount.

Provide a valid reason for cancellation, preferably related to quality or cost, ensuring it’s comprehensible and convincing to the customer support team.

Upon completion, politely request immediate cancellation and send the email to the customer care mail ID: [email protected].

🔴 Steps to cancel CallTruth subscription via Email:

Step 1: Open Gmail.

Step 2: Click on the compose icon.

Step 3: Enter the subject: “Requesting a cancellation of CallTruth subscription.”

Step 4: Draft an email stating your intention to cancel the subscription. Include your registered email ID, billing details, and a valid reason for cancellation.

Step 5: Send it to [email protected].

Step 6: Expect a response via email; upon successful cancellation, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

What Does CallTruth Do:

CallTruth primarily offers phone lookup, people lookup, and image search services. However, its accessibility is limited solely to users within the USA, barring access to individuals outside the country.

The platform aids in identifying owners of unknown phone numbers and determining the number type. It serves as a defense against scammers and frauds who employ fake or duplicate phone numbers to deceive people. With CallTruth, users receive alerts for incoming calls from unknown numbers marked as spam.

While CallTruth’s basic services are free, they also offer a premium plan with additional features. The premium subscription provides enhanced functionalities, such as user location tracking and comprehensive details about phone number owners, among others.

What Would You Need to Cancel Your Call Truth Subscription?

When considering the cancellation of your CallTruth subscription, it’s crucial to prepare the necessary information to streamline the process and avoid any inconvenience.

Firstly, ensure you have your registered email ID linked to your CallTruth subscription. During registration, users provide an accessible email address, which is essential for verifying the cancellation request.

Secondly, gather your billing details, including your monthly plan specifics and billing information. This encompasses crucial data associated with your CallTruth subscription.

Next, have a valid reason ready for canceling the subscription. Whether canceling over the phone or via email, prepare a reason beforehand. This could relate to the service quality, charged amounts, or any other pertinent issue. Being prepared allows for a swift explanation when asked for the reason during the cancellation process.

Lastly, as cancellation can only be done by phone or through an email request, ensure you have the correct contact information for CallTruth customer care. Having the accurate phone number and email address is vital, as these are the sole channels for canceling your CallTruth subscription. Without this information, there is no alternative method to proceed with the cancellation.

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