How To Track A TikTok Account

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✎ Key Points:

» The TikTok account’s location is visible solely when the user specifies it in their profile information.
» Alternatively, IP tracking can be employed through external links; when clicked, these links record the IP address.

TikTok Account Location Finder:

If you’re seeking a tool like a TikTok account location finder, utilizing link tracking services is the most effective method. Simply shorten the link and transmit it to the TikTok user via messaging or any other means. Upon the user’s click, their IP address and location will be acquired.

How To Track A TikTok Account Location:

You can try the following options below to track a TikTok account:

1. Using IPlogger.org

To pinpoint a TikTok account’s location, utilize IPLogger’s tracking links. This web tool, free of charge, shortens links and enables the retrieval of IP addresses and locations from TikTok users.

🔴 How to Use:

Step 1: Copy any YouTube video link.

Step 2: Access the IPLogger tool via the provided link.

Step 3: Paste the copied link into the white input box.

Step 4: Click “Create a shortlink.”

Step 5: On the subsequent page, you’ll receive a shortened link and a result link.

Step 6: Copy the shortened link and send it via TikTok message to the user whose location and IP address you want to trace.

Step 7: Ask the user to click the link and view the associated video.

Step 8: Wait for the user to click the link.

Step 9: Once clicked, IPLogger will promptly record their IP address and location.

Step 10: Access the result link to view the IP address and additional details.

2. Using Grabify Tool

Now, the idea of uncovering someone’s location might seem like a task that requires a hoodie-clad hacker, but it’s actually a straightforward process.

🔴 How to Track IP:

To trace the IP address using the Grabify tool:

Step 1: Simply send a link to the TikTok user whose location you wish to discover.

Step 2: Find an enticing article or video link likely to prompt a visit to the site.

Step 3: Head to Grabify and paste the same link into the ‘Enter URL’ box on the homepage.

Step 4: Click ‘Create URL.’

In the results section, you’ll obtain information about the person who clicked the link, including their IP address and location. Clicking on ‘More Info’ provides further details about the individual.

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