How To Track Someone On Google Maps

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“Using Google Maps, you have the option to track someone in real-time by having them share their live location link with you. To initiate this, access the Google Maps app, tap on the three lines icon, and choose ‘Location sharing.’

Once in the ‘Location sharing’ section, you can set the duration for sharing, pick the contact, and send the link. When the recipient clicks on the link, it opens Google Maps, granting them access to view the sender’s live location.”

How To Track Someone On Google Maps:

You can try the following steps to track someone on Google Maps:

Step 1: Open the Google map app

“Utilizing Google Maps enables real-time tracking of someone’s location. The app offers a Location sharing feature, allowing users to share their live location with friends, family, or anyone using Google Maps.

When someone shares their real-time location link, the recipient simply needs to click on it within Google Maps to view the sender’s live location.

Here’s a guide on using Google Maps for tracking:

Ensure your device’s location service is activated and connected to a stable data or WiFi network. Before launching the Google Maps application, confirm it’s updated to the latest version to access all the app’s newest features. Then proceed to open the Google Maps app.”

Step 2: Click on three lines icon 

“When you launch the Google Maps app, the map will appear on your screen. At the top of the map, you’ll spot a search bar next to a three-line icon. Tap on the icon to reveal the left panel of your Google Maps app, displaying a set of options instantly.

There are often situations where we wish to share our location with friends or family for them to track or know our exact whereabouts. This is where Google Maps’ Location sharing feature proves helpful, enabling us to share our location with anyone we choose, always with our consent.”

Step 3: Click on Location sharing

Once the side panel appears, it will display various options in sequence. Among these options are features like ‘Your places,’ ‘Your timeline,’ ‘Your contributions,’ and ‘Location sharing.’ To access the Location sharing feature, which is the fourth item in this list, simply click on it.

Upon selecting Location sharing, a screen will appear presenting the map occupying half of the display. Below the map, you’ll find a message prompting you to ‘Let friends know where you are,’ followed by a ‘GET STARTED’ button. Click on the button to proceed.”

Step 4: Select the Time

Once you select the “Get Started” button in the Location sharing screen, a box will appear labeled “Share your real-time location.” Beneath it, two options will be available:

The first option allows you to share your location on Google Maps for one hour only. After this duration, the shared location link will expire, and the live location will no longer be accessible to the tracker.

The second option permits sharing your live location until you manually disable it. With this choice, the live location remains visible to the tracker until you opt to turn it off. You can select either option based on your specific requirements.

Step 5: Choose the contact

Below the “Until you turn off” option, you’ll notice a series of icons lined up side by side. These icons facilitate the process of sharing your location with others. To initiate this, select individuals from your phone’s contact list and transmit the tracking link via SMS, granting them access to your real-time location. Look for the “Select People” button and tap on it, triggering the immediate display of your device’s contact list.

Contacts are organized alphabetically, allowing you to scroll through to locate the specific person with whom you wish to share your live location. Alternatively, utilize the search box positioned at the top of the contact list to swiftly find the person by name or phone number, particularly helpful when dealing with lengthy contact lists. Once you’ve identified the intended person, simply click on their contact to select it. You also have the option to select multiple contacts if needed.

Step 6: Share location via SMS

Once you’ve chosen the contact, proceed by clicking the blue “Share” button to transmit the tracking link to them. This action triggers a message box titled “Share via link?” This box serves to clarify that when the recipient isn’t connected to a Google account, the real-time location is sent as a link, enabling live location tracking. Click ‘Ok’ within this box to proceed.

Subsequently, you’ll be directed to your device’s message screen. Here, you’ll notice the tracking link already inserted in the text box, accompanied by a pre-written message stating “See me on Google Maps!”

This link is what the receiver will utilize to access the real-time location. Simply click on the paper plane icon to dispatch the link as an SMS to the recipient.

 Now the tracking part starts:

Step 7: From the receiver’s phone, open the link 

Once the sender has dispatched the tracking link to the receiver via SMS, the recipient should access the Message application on their device to retrieve the tracking link. Upon opening the Message application, the receiver will find the tracking link within. They must then open the URL or tracking link on their device to view the sender’s live location.

It’s crucial to note that the receiver can only access and view the live location while connected to a stable internet or WiFi network.

Upon clicking the link, a Message options box will appear. Choose ‘Connect’ from this box, prompting a confirmation dialog to pop up. In this dialog, select the ‘Ok’ option to establish the connection and load the tracking URL, thereby enabling the receiver to view the sender’s real-time location.

Step 8: See Location on Map

Right away, upon clicking the link, you’ll be directed straight to Google Maps, pinpointing the sender’s precise location with a small blue circle. This allows you to instantly observe the sender’s current whereabouts. If the sender is in motion, you’ll witness their location updating in real-time on the map itself. The live location remains accessible to the receiver until the sender chooses to disable it.

Google Maps facilitates mutual tracking by enabling location sharing, ensuring the continuous update of real-time locations.

Exercise caution when sharing your live location, reserving this feature exclusively for trusted friends and family. Avoid sharing your real-time location with strangers or individuals you barely know to maintain your safety and privacy.

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