How To Track IPhone Location

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✎ Key Points:

» To access the iPhone Location Tracker, use the Find My app. Start by creating an account, then tap on “Me,” and choose “Share My Location” to establish a connection with the individual you wish to track.

How To Track IPhone Location:

If you’re using the Find My app on your iPhone, it’s essential to enable location services. By relying on this feature, you can track locations from other devices connected to the same Apple ID.

Here are the steps to follow:

🔴 How to Track:

Step 1: Start by updating the Find My app from the App Store (this comes pre-installed) and launch it.

Step 2: To track someone’s location, initiate location sharing by tapping on “Me” at the bottom right corner. This redirects you to a new screen with various options. Choose ‘Share My Location.’

Step 3: Navigate to the “People” section at the bottom left corner. Add a new friend’s address by tapping “Start Sharing Location” and adjust the sharing settings to “Share Indefinitely.”

Step 4: After sharing your location, the same process should be followed by the person you want to track. Once completed, reopen the app, and you’ll be able to view the targeted person’s location on the map.

How To Share Location With Other Person Using Find My:

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Install app for both and login

To share your location using the Find My app on iPhone with another person, begin by installing the application from the App Store.

For a seamless process, it’s recommended to have both phones nearby. Access the App Store on both devices and download the Find My app. Once installed, create distinct accounts on each phone using the required credentials.

Step 2: Tap People and Start Sharing Location

Once you’ve logged into your account, access the “People” section from the bottom left corner of the app. If it’s your first time using the app, you’ll spot the “Start Sharing Location” option—click on it.

In the search box, type in each other’s names. If you don’t wish to share your location, simply have the person tap your name on their phone; however, this means you won’t be able to view their location.

A pop-up will appear with four options, including “Cancel.” Here, choose the duration for sharing your location. For instance, options include sharing for One Hour, Until the End of the Day, or Share Infinitely.

Step 3: Hit the person’s name and tap Notify Me

Once you’ve configured the sharing settings, revisit the “People” section from the left corner. Click on the profile of the person you wish to track. Scroll down slightly to reach the Notifications section. Tap “Add,” prompting a pop-up with three options.

Choose “Notify Me,” leading you to a new screen displaying various notification types. Here, you can add multiple locations and specify when you’d like to receive notifications—whether it’s when they leave a particular place or arrive at a specific area. Adjust these settings according to your preferences.

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