Ways Using Coupons Can Save You Money on Appliance Purchases

Ways Using Coupons Can Save You Money on Appliance Purchases

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When you can stack a store coupon, manufacturer coupon and rebate offer on top of a sale price, magic happens. September and October are the best times to score appliance deals since it’s just after new models hit shelves and stores are eager to clear out old inventory. However, discounts are available year-round.

Look for Online Deals

Many retailers offer appliance bundles that can save you hundreds. Depending on the retailer and promotional terms, these bundles can include appliances like washer-dryers, refrigerators, or kitchen appliance sets from popular brands. The best deals on appliance bundles are typically available online and through a retailer’s affiliate or rewards-based programs.

Another way to find appliance deals is by looking for discounts at the end of the year and during holiday sales. These are the best times to buy appliances because retailers are trying to clear out last year’s models and make room for new ones. Additionally, if you’re moving, you can often use a 10% “movers discount” coupon. Lastly, look for scratch-and-dent appliances because retailers often sell them at lower prices than their pristine versions. Click here to learn more about the best deals you can have when you shop using a coupon.

Look for Sales

When buying appliances, buying during sales is the best way to save money. That means looking for floor models, scratch-and-dent discounts, and shopping during retail holidays like Black Friday and end-of-year clearance sales. Doing your initial research online before visiting a store and coming into the purchase with a clear idea of which model you’re interested in. That way, you can avoid being talked into upgrades and features that may be unnecessary or cost-efficient. In addition, many national retailers offer price-matching guarantees for specific swaths of their inventory. That could save you even more money. Also, consider using a cash-back credit card to earn extra savings on your appliance purchase. These cards often have 0% APR introductory offers that can significantly cut the cost of a new appliance.

Look for Rebates

Appliance rebates can be a great way to save money on your purchase. They are similar to discounts but come as cash back or credit from an energy company or manufacturer. They are often offered as a sales incentive for consumers looking to upgrade to newer, more efficient appliances. You can find a variety of appliance rebates online at the ENERGY STAR Rebate Center, where you can enter your zip code to see current offers. If you combine multiple discounts and deals on your appliance purchase, you can save even more. This is especially true regarding energy-efficient appliances, as many qualify for rebates and tax credits.

Look for Last-Year Models

It’s no secret that appliance stores often discount their floor models to accommodate the pristine versions. But a lesser-known tip is that buying an imperfect model can also get a significant discount.

Stores usually reduce prices on last year’s appliances before the new ones are released in September, October, and November. It’s not uncommon to save 20 percent or more this way.

CR’s survey of large appliance shoppers who successfully haggled saw a median savings of $140. It’s not a technique that works for everyone, but if you can avoid the weekend shopping crush and do some haggling during the week, you may get a better deal. This is especially true at smaller appliance stores offering more product discounts in their backrooms.

Look for Price-Matching

Many stores will price match lower prices you find in their competitors’ ads or on their websites. You can use this service in-store or online, usually offered during a limited time window. However, you must be a proactive shopper and research before buying. That includes checking out the historical pricing of an item and understanding whether its current sale price is a good deal.

Look for Damaged Models

It would help to always look for coupons and sales when buying a new appliance. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can save by purchasing damaged appliances.

Most stores have a “scratch and dent” section that sells appliances with minor cosmetic damage. These devices may have been damaged during shipment or even as floor models on display. Regardless, they still work fine and can be purchased at a discount.

These devices tend to cost less than the same model in perfect condition. In addition, they’re often backed by manufacturer warranties. Just check the device’s model number label to ensure you can easily purchase replacement parts. This is especially important for smart home appliances that need compatible accessories to function properly.

Look for Holiday Sales

Whether you’re shopping at the end of the year or at a scratch-and-dent store, there are many opportunities to score appliance discounts. Some are seasonal, while others work year-round.

For example, if replacing an old refrigerator or washing machine, consider waiting until the manufacturer releases its new models. Then, you can buy last year’s model for a much lower price. In addition, retail holidays like Black Friday and Presidents Day typically offer significant appliance savings. Some credit cards earn cash back on purchases made during these sales events. You may also find deals on appliance bundles. These offers lure shoppers who might otherwise miss out on a great deal. However, it would help if you were careful not to buy appliances that you don’t need.

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