How To Find The Location Of Pinterest Users

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✎ Key Points:

» To locate Pinterest users, explore their profiles or visit their business website, where you might find their location details in the About section.
» Alternatively, consider employing a tracking link within your Pinterest profile bio. This link can help track the IP addresses and locations of visitors who click on it while viewing your profile.

How To Find The Location Of Pinterest Users:

Try the following methods:

1. From the item’s shipping origin

If you’re interested in determining the location of a Pinterest user from whom you’re considering a purchase, examine the origin of the item they’re offering. When browsing an item from a Pinterest pinner, the shipping location from where the item will be dispatched is typically indicated.

This information is usually presented beneath the item’s details. The shipping location denotes the pinner’s location, as they’re the seller responsible for packaging and sending the item.

When reviewing any product on Pinterest, you’ll gain insights into both the item’s origin and the pinner’s shipping location. These details are reliably accurate, providing a clear indication of the pinner’s whereabouts.

2. From the linked website

In most cases with Pinterest pins, there’s a linked website detailing the product information. When browsing a pin or product on Pinterest, you’ll encounter a “Visit” button adjacent to the product image.

Clicking the “Visit” button directs you to the seller’s actual website, offering comprehensive product information. Upon reaching the website, navigate to the About section of the pinner to ascertain their location. This section can also clarify if the showcased product belongs to them or if it’s a point of interest.

How To Find IP Address Of A Pinterest User:

Follow the steps below to track:

Step 1: Create a Short link

To track the location of Pinterest users visiting your profile or viewing your pins, utilize a tracking link from Grabify IP Logger.

Start by copying the link to your website featuring your products or services. Proceed to the Grabify IP Logger tool, paste the link into the input box, and click the “Create URL” button. Accept the terms and conditions to acquire the shortened link.

Step 2: Add the Link to the Pinterest bio  

Once you’re on the Link Information page, copy the shortened link to your clipboard. To add the tracking link to your Pinterest bio, access your Pinterest app.

From the options available, select “Edit Public Profile.” This action directs you to the next page. Click on “Tell your Story.”

Paste the shortened link on the subsequent page and craft a message encouraging viewers to click the link and visit your website to explore your products. Afterward, click on “Done.”

Step 3: Wait to Get Clicks from Profile Visitors

Once the link is added to your Pinterest bio, await visitor clicks. When visitors click the link, Grabify will record their IP addresses and redirect them to the website showcasing your products or services. Importantly, visitors won’t be aware that their IP addresses have been recorded.

Step 4: Open Access Link & Track IP

After a waiting period, access the tracking link via the Grabify tool. Upon accessing the link, you’ll reach the results page where you can review the click count. This count indicates the number of visitors who have clicked on the link in your Pinterest bio, visiting your profile to explore your showcased products.

Step 5: Know Your Visitor’s location

Upon entering the results page, you’ll access information regarding the visitors’ locations to your Pinterest account, including their IP addresses. Reviewing the results allows you to discern which country’s audience shows the most interest in your products. Additionally, detailed data like users’ host numbers and agent numbers will be available for examination.

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