How Does Snapchat Suggest Friends

How Does Snapchat Suggest Friends

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✎ Key Points:

» Discover new Snapchat friends by exploring mutual connections and location-based suggestions. The app analyzes your added friends to recommend others with shared connections.
» Take advantage of Snapchat’s friend suggestion settings to customize and control the recommendations you receive.

Does Snapchat Suggest Friends Based On Location?

“If you and another user happen to be in the same vicinity or frequently visit similar places, Snapchat might recommend them as potential friends.

If you find that Snapchat’s location-based friend suggestions are inaccurate or if you’re uncomfortable with this feature, you can easily deactivate it. Simply navigate to your Snapchat settings, locate the “Who Can…” section, and adjust the settings for friend suggestions based on location.

Additionally, if you prefer not to share your location with Snapchat altogether, you can opt to disable location services for the app in your device’s settings. By doing so, Snapchat won’t have access to your location information, and it won’t suggest friends based on that data.

How Does Snapchat Suggest Friends:

These are the following things you need to look at that suggest friends:

1. Based On Location

Snapchat employs location data to recommend profiles to users in another approach.

Profiles tied to specific locations are featured in the suggestions section, allowing users to discover profiles of individuals in their vicinity.

Snap Map continually tracks and updates your profile location on Snapchat, enabling the platform to monitor your whereabouts. The Quick Add section displays profiles from the same city, locality, or area.

The assumption is that proximity in location suggests a potential connection, encouraging users to explore profiles of those nearby, such as neighbors, flatmates, or school friends.

These suggestions are made based on the geographical proximity of your profile to others.

In the suggestions section, you may encounter profiles of individuals in close physical proximity, prompting you to consider adding them or disregarding the suggestion according to your preferences.

2. Your Added People

The process of how Snapchat generates recommendations for your profiles may pique your curiosity. Snapchat doesn’t adhere to a specific formula for suggesting people to add; rather, it employs several methods. One key approach involves considering friends of friends.

When you add users on Snapchat, the app keeps track of your interactions and presents you with a list of their friends as potential recommendations for you to add. The assumption is that you might have a real-life connection or be affiliated with these suggested friends.

Even if you’ve recently accepted friend requests, Snapchat will propose additional names for you to consider adding. The rationale behind this is the belief that these suggested individuals may also share a connection with you.

3. People on Group Chats

On the suggestions list, Snapchat also proposes names of individuals who share the same groups as you. Frequently, others add you to Snapchat groups, where there may be members you haven’t added as friends. Snapchat keeps a record of all the groups you’re part of and monitors your group-related activities.

If you’re added to a group that includes members not on your friend list, Snapchat promptly suggests those profiles in the recommendations section. This facilitates the opportunity for you to add them to your Snapchat account and connect with them.

The underlying assumption in Snapchat’s algorithm is that when you’re in a group with certain individuals, there’s a likelihood that you may want to establish a connection, explore each other’s profiles, or view each other’s stories on Snapchat. Hence, it recommends adding these users on Snapchat.

It’s important to note that being in a group with certain users doesn’t obligate you to be friends with them on Snapchat, and you have the freedom to decide whether or not to add them based on your preferences. However, Snapchat simplifies this process by offering profile recommendations.

4. Shared Interests on Snapchat

Another method through which a Snapchat profile suggests others is based on shared interests. The platform recommends the profiles of users whose interests align with yours. When there are similarities in interests, the Snapchat algorithm suggests that you might want to connect with these users, leading to the recommendation to add their profile.

Profiles of school or college friends may appear in the recommendations list, indicating shared interests or similar profile information that prompts the suggestion. While unfamiliar profiles may also appear in the suggestions list, it’s important to note that you’re not obligated to follow or connect with all of them.

5. Through Your Snapchat Contacts

When you synchronize your device contacts with the Snapchat app, the app displays accounts associated with those contacts in the suggestions list.

Since these contacts are stored on your device, it is presumed that you are acquainted with or connected to the user.

This recommendation facilitates an easy addition of the user without the need to manually search and locate them.

This feature aids in discovering linked profiles corresponding to the contacts saved on your device.

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