8 Best Sites Like Hoodsite {Alternatives to Hoodsite}

8 Best Sites Like Hoodsite {Alternatives to Hoodsite}

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If you’re in search of websites akin to Hoodsite, your quest ends here. In this article, we’ve curated a selection of top Hoodsite alternatives just for you.

Hoodsite, as widely recognized, stands out as a prominent news platform celebrated for its unfiltered coverage of crime news and media. It earned its reputation for transparency and its commitment to upholding fundamental rights, including freedom of expression and the right to access information for all its users. Launched in 2019, it swiftly captured the hearts of avid news enthusiasts, amassing a devoted following.

Nonetheless, despite its dedicated fan base, some users find themselves irked by the inundation of advertisements that frequently disrupt their experience. Whether due to this or other reasons, a substantial number of users are currently on the lookout for alternatives to Hoodsite.

Following the success of Hoodsite, several websites emerged with similar themes, while others have adapted to offer uncensored news in a similar vein. In this landscape, a multitude of platforms akin to Hoodsite have emerged. In the subsequent sections of this article, we present our selection of the top eight Hoodsite alternatives, which we trust you will find both valuable and compelling.

Hoodsite Alternatives – Best Sites Like Hoodsite

With an understanding of the reasons for seeking Hoodsite alternatives, it’s time to explore the finest websites akin to Hoodsite. Here are some excellent options to consider in addition to Hoodsite:

Leaked Reality

When seeking alternatives to Hoodsite, one of the top choices to consider is “Leaked Reality.” It offers a plethora of similar features, promising engaging content while steering clear of unrelated adult material. Leaked Reality provides options for both light and dark modes to suit your preferences. The content is neatly categorized into videos and albums. What sets this platform apart is its user-friendly homepage, where you can access a wide range of content. Additionally, Leaked Reality allows users to upload content following a meticulous screening process.


Originally launched in 2006 under the name Ogrish, this platform later transitioned into Liveleak and operated until May 2021. Liveleak, a British video-sharing website, was known for sharing unfiltered videos covering politics, wars, and various pivotal events. It played a significant role in promoting journalism across many regions and nations. However, Liveleak was eventually discontinued, making way for the emergence of the Itemfix site.

Itemfix distinguishes itself with a clean and user-friendly interface, offering a variety of channels to cater to different interests. Some of the popular channels on Itemfix include Viral, Memes, News, Fail, WTF, Crashes, and Cool. The platform primarily features video content, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts of short videos.


presents another intriguing alternative to Hoodsite. It’s a well-established website with a notable Alexa ranking. While it is generally considered a safe site to explore, be aware that you may encounter some adult content during your visit. Shockgore has earned the trust of Trend Micro. However, it has received mixed reviews from users, with one of the main criticisms being its limited optimization for various search engines. Despite this drawback, Shockgore might be an ideal choice as an alternative to Hoodsite.


If you’re a fan of platforms like YouTube, Videoshub (formerly known as Metacafe) could be your go-to option. Videoshub functions as a video-sharing site similar to YouTube but with the added twist of featuring recent updates and uncensored gore videos. The validity of some videos may be questioned, but you can freely access content from anywhere in the world after creating an account on the platform. Sections like “latest” and “popular” are readily available on the homepage. In addition to gore videos and news, you can also enjoy content spanning comedy, cooking, and entertainment. It’s worth noting that this site now redirects to Videoshub.com.


TheYNC is among the rare platforms that aim to provide content catering to a diverse audience. It offers a wide spectrum of videos, encompassing the ordinary, adult, and gruesome categories, with a significant emphasis on adult content. This website specializes in sharing videos depicting real-life disturbing events, spanning a broad array of categories. While it’s true that categories such as abuse and graphic adult content rank prominently on the site, guiding users to appropriate content can lead to more beneficial experiences. TheYNC offers a variety of appealing features to its viewers, including a points system, badges, and ranks, fostering user engagement and participation.

Documenting Reality

True to its name, this website serves as a repository of documented, authentic, and uncensored compilations of images and videos. The collection encompasses a wide range of content, including celebrity death pictures, real death videos, street fights, autopsies, and more. As a freely accessible platform, it offers open access to users across nearly every country. Users can explore frequently updated content from top posters. Notably, the site maintains a strict stance against violence and unethical or unhealthy content. Consequently, it imposes bans on individuals accumulating more than 3 points for violating these guidelines.


This is a website designed to provoke shock, providing its visitors with unrestricted access to images and videos depicting accidents, corpses, suicides, overdoses, capital punishment, and a wide array of other explicit content. Notably, it features unfiltered footage of various murders, securing its place as one of the foremost gore sites. Although it was temporarily deactivated in December 2021, the site was subsequently reactivated and updated in January 2022. With a history spanning approximately fourteen years, it has released numerous shocking videos, consistently upholding its status as a premier platform for uncensored content.


If you’re a fan of memes and crave the latest updates in meme format, Crazyshit might be an excellent choice for you. While this site does contain some adult content, it is not exclusively dedicated to adult material. By avoiding the adult section, you can largely steer clear of such content. The site’s primary categories encompass Extreme, Fights, risqué content, WTF moments, and much more. Exploring these categories will provide a good sense of the website’s content. With a user-friendly mobile interface, it proves handy in various situations. The content is also succinct, enhancing the overall user experience.

In Conclusion

these are some of the best alternatives to Hoodsite that you can consider. While some of these sites may include adult content, others keep such material at bay. Your choice of the most suitable option depends on your personal preferences and convenience.

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