Why Do Some Snapchat Messages Not Disappear

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✎ Key Takes:

» If messages on Snapchat persist beyond the usual 24-hour disappearance timeframe, it suggests either an error or specific settings. This commonly occurs when a message remains unviewed or has been intentionally saved by the recipient.

» The longevity of messages may be attributed to them not being viewed or deliberately saved by the recipient.

» To address this, confirm whether the recipient has viewed or saved the messages. If not, there may be a technical issue at play. Contacting Snapchat support or reviewing your settings could offer a resolution.

Why Do Some Snapchat Messages Not Disappear:

Snapchat servers are inherently designed to automatically remove sent messages within 24 hours, although exceptions can be made for certain messages that do not vanish.

FROM OUR TESTS: We sent numerous messages to our friends and observed which ones remained. We discovered that when the setting was configured for a 24-hour deletion period, the messages could only disappear after that time if viewed, provided they were not saved.

Possible causes for this issue include:

1. Has not been viewed

In a one-to-one conversation on Snapchat (by default), viewing the chat would promptly delete the message. However, once viewed, the message can be right-swiped to delete or set to “24 Hours after Viewing”. If the recipient hasn’t viewed the message yet, it remains in the chat.

🏷 Even if it remains in the Snapchat chat list for over 24 hours, users can customize erase rules in Chat settings according to their preference.

🏷 Switching from “24 hrs after viewing” to “after viewing” will automatically remove previously viewed chats.

2. The person may have saved the Message

If a person saves a Snapchat message from their end, it won’t be removed. However, if they don’t save it and leave the screen, they won’t be able to view the message again. Saving important messages allows users to keep them for an extended period.

Snapchatters have the advantage of saving messages that won’t disappear:

◘ To save a message, press and hold it until it’s saved.

◘ The saved message becomes bold and highlighted in grey.

◘ The grey indicator signifies that the message has been saved and won’t disappear from Snapchat soon.

◘ Users can unsave messages, which will be erased once they leave the chat screen.

Why Won’t Snapchat Messages Go Away Even If They Aren’t Saved:

Even if messages aren’t saved, they may not disappear immediately due to various reasons, such as message failures or being viewed but not yet 24 hours passing.

The question often arises whether Snapchat messages vanish suddenly if they aren’t saved. The most common answers to this question can be summarized as follows:

1. The Chat Message was not Read

Messages will remain on Snapchat until they are viewed by the recipients to whom the messages were sent. You can easily determine if someone has read the messages by opening the chat.

If the recipient reads the message, it will disappear within a maximum of 24 hours from the time it was viewed. Therefore, if the messages persist even after 24-48 hours, it indicates that they have not been viewed yet.

2. The message takes 24 hours to be Deleted

Typically, once a message has been viewed by another user, it will automatically be deleted once they leave the screen.

If your settings are configured for “24 hours after viewing,” the message will remain visible for 24 hours, even after being viewed by the recipient.

However, within the chat settings, you can adjust the duration for which messages stay visible, with 24 hours being the default setting.

3. Make sure messages didn’t Fail

Ensure that the message was sent successfully. Occasionally, network issues or app errors may cause delivery failures, so be mindful of these possibilities as well.

Why Snapchat Messages Not Deleting After 24 Hours:

When you set your message to be visible for twenty-four hours, it means that all the messages you send to someone will be available for viewing for that duration.

After every twenty-four hours, the message will be automatically deleted. If the receiver opens the message after twenty-four hours, they will no longer be able to see it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long do Snapchat messages last?

The duration for which your Snapchat messages last depends on the settings you’ve configured. If you’ve set your messages to remain until they’re viewed, they can last up to 30 days.

Messages set to last for 24 hours will vanish 24 hours after being opened. However, if left unopened, they can persist for up to 30 days.

2. Why is Snapchat saving my chats?

If Snapchat is saving your chats, you can resolve this by blocking the person. Blocking the person will automatically unsave the chats, and you won’t find the chat in your chat list anymore.

Later, you’ll need to unblock the person to ensure that the chats are permanently removed and your issue is resolved.

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