What Does PC Mean in Text? [Meaning and Usages]

What Does PC Mean in Text? [Meaning and Usages]

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LOL, AKA, BTW, AMA, HAND, L8R… Do you comprehend our message? This is known as internet and social media slang. For example, LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud, AKA for Also Known As, BTW for By the way, AMA for Ask me anything, HAND for Have a nice day, and L8R for Later.

One such piece of social media slang commonly utilized on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others is ‘PC’. It is important to understand the meaning of this slang for effective communication on social media. Let’s delve into everything about ‘PC’ as it’s used in the context of social media.

What Does PC Mean in Text?

The internet and social media have created a distinct virtual realm within our physical world. A report from a reputable institute on social media usage indicates that people of all age groups are active on social media. Social media also offers unique advantages for businesses. In this virtual world, a specific language for communication, often referred to as slang, has developed. These terms are typically shortened forms that enable quick responses during chats and comments, likely to save time and effort.

Now, let’s uncover the meaning of ‘PC’ in the realm of text. ‘PC’ is an online slang frequently employed on social media, websites, blogs, and various online platforms. The interpretation of ‘PC’ can vary across different contexts. However, in the context of the internet and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, ‘PC’ is an acronym for ‘Politically Correct.’

PC Stands For Politically Correct

The term “Politically Correct” carries a broader significance than its name suggests. It’s important to clarify that “Politically Correct” is not inherently tied to politics; rather, it’s a comprehensive term that extends beyond online slang, encompassing the real world we inhabit. A person is deemed politically correct when they avoid causing emotional harm to individuals in society who may be subject to unequal treatment based on factors such as caste, gender, or physical or mental abilities. Politically correct individuals carefully choose their words to prevent causing offense. They refrain from making judgments based on factors like caste or nationality and don’t use language that might hurt others. In essence, they are considerate and open-minded members of society.

What Does PC Mean On Instagram?

Almost everyone is familiar with Instagram, which started as a simple photo-sharing app and has now evolved into a fully-fledged social platform encompassing personal and business marketing. In the world of Instagram, users frequently employ slang for quick interactions, and abbreviations are essential for speedy communication. A commonly seen slang term in Instagram posts is ‘PC’. For many new users, the meaning of ‘PC’ on Instagram may be unclear.

‘PC’ stands for ‘Photo Credit’ or ‘Pic Credit’ on Instagram. Given Instagram’s prominent role in digital marketing, many users utilize it as a digital marketing platform rather than just a social media account. Including ‘@’ followed by an Instagram profile name is a clever way to give credit to the individual responsible for the photograph. This promotes the profile of the person who took the photo. Visitors to the original profile who like the picture might also click on the profile listed under ‘Photo Credit’ and follow the photographer, thus providing free promotion based on their credited work.

‘Photo Credit’ or ‘PC’ is typically added at the end of the caption. This practice is commonly observed in scenarios like newlywed couples posting wedding photos or pre-wedding shots on Instagram. By providing ‘Photo Credit’ or ‘PC’ to the photographer, individuals who appreciate the image are encouraged to visit the photographer’s profile and follow their business account. This serves as a testament to the photographer’s work and gives them well-deserved recognition.

Moreover, anyone can provide credit to the individual who took the photo. Both Facebook and Instagram offer a feature that allows users to promote any profile, be it a celebrity or otherwise, by including ‘@’ before their profile name, which automatically converts it into a profile link. The name turns blue, and clicking on it leads to the respective profile.

What Does PC Mean in Gaming?

‘PC’ also holds multiple meanings in the context of gaming. Let’s briefly explore the two primary meanings of ‘PC’ in the gaming world:

  1. PC Means ‘PC Gaming’: PC games are widely enjoyed by gamers of all ages. These games can be played both online and offline, and no specific gaming console is required, as the computer’s built-in input devices, such as the keyboard, mouse, and joystick, serve as game controllers. To play the latest PC games effectively, users often need a computer with robust hardware specifications, including a sound card, graphics card, operating system, and processor. These components must be powerful enough to deliver a seamless gaming experience. Additionally, some PC games can be played on gaming consoles to provide a fantastic gaming experience.
  2. PC Means ‘Player Character’: In video games, ‘PC’ stands for ‘Player Character.’ The player character is a fictional character controlled by the real player rather than by system commands. In contrast, non-player characters (NPCs) are controlled by the gaming software itself, following preset rules. NPCs lack consciousness and act based on in-game programming. Typically, video games feature two primary characters: a player character and one or more non-player characters. In some multiplayer games, such as online and action games, there may be multiple player characters, each with distinct abilities and characteristics. During gameplay, a player typically controls one character at a time.

PC Meaning in WhatsApp:

In the context of WhatsApp, ‘PC’ has its own meaning. It stands for ‘Private Chat’ or ‘Personal Chat.’ This term is often used when someone wishes to exit a group chat and initiate a one-on-one conversation with another person. In essence, it signifies a desire to communicate privately with the other person. So, when you encounter ‘PC’ in a WhatsApp conversation, understand it as a request for a ‘Personal Chat.’

In conclusion

social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and the gaming world employ various abbreviations and slang to facilitate quick and concise communication. It’s important to grasp the specific meanings of these terms to enhance your digital interactions and understanding within these virtual communities. ‘PC’ is one of the most prevalent abbreviations across social media platforms, but its interpretation may vary depending on the platform in which it is used.

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