How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

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Determining a person’s current existence on Instagram solely based on their profile username might not be entirely accurate, as individuals often change their usernames on the platform.

In both scenarios, an inability to locate the person’s profile on Instagram does not necessarily imply that the individual has blocked you or deactivated their profile.

If you encounter an error while trying to open a profile from your Instagram profile bookmark list, it could stem from a username change. This occurrence does not definitively indicate whether the person blocked you or deactivated their profile.

To discern whether the person genuinely blocked you or deactivated their Instagram profile, you can follow specific steps outlined below.

How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram:

To determine if you’ve been blocked on Instagram, follow these steps that indicate changes when someone blocks you:

  1. Find His Profile:
    • Investigate by checking the suspected person’s profile settings through an incognito window on your browser. If you can locate them without logging in, it suggests the person has blocked you on Instagram.
    • Inability to find the person doesn’t confirm their absence on Instagram. If you know mutual followers with public profiles, log out and search for them. Identifying the person on the follower list means you’ve successfully located them.
    Note: If the person is not found on the list, it could indicate they have blocked multiple users. In such cases, try finding the user through the direct message section on Instagram.
  2. Look at Following List [IF HE RESTRICTED YOU]:
    • If the person blocked you or changed their username, you won’t be able to view their Instagram posts.
    • When tagging someone in an Instagram post, their name won’t appear in suggestions. Clicking on hashtags associated with the profile will result in an ‘User Not Found’ error.
    Tip: If you have links to their posts, that may be the only way to access their profile. If the link indicates the page isn’t available, it suggests the person removed it or deleted their profile, possibly during an account merging process.
  3. Check Shared Stuff:
    • Quickly check their other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook for shared content. Copy the link, even from a private account, to locate their Instagram profile.
    • Individuals often link new Instagram accounts on other platforms, making it a reliable method to stay updated.

These steps provide insights into whether you’ve been blocked or if there are changes to the person’s Instagram presence.

How To Know If Someone Deactivated Instagram Account:

You will observe the following indicators:

  1. DP Goes Blank:
    • When users deactivate their accounts, the display picture may disappear, leading others to suspect they’ve been blocked. To confirm if the person deactivated their account, check for their profile picture in the chat section.
    • Open the Instagram application, ensuring a WiFi connection or data is enabled.
    • Log in to your Instagram account and click on the message icon at the top right.
    • Open the chat of the user and check if the DP appears.
    • If the DP is blank and gray, it indicates the user deactivated the account.
  2. Profile Shows User Not Found:
    • Click on the username from the top of the chat screen to check the user’s profile page. If it displays “User Not Found” with a blank DP icon and no posts, it indicates the user is no longer on Instagram due to deactivation.
    • Open the Instagram application and log in.
    • Go to the message section and click to open the chat page.
    • Click on the username to visit the profile page.
    • Check if it says “User Not Found.”
  3. Sent Messages Return Error & Fails:
    • Attempt to send messages to the user. If the messages fail to send and show error messages, it suggests the account is deactivated. Deactivated accounts cannot receive messages, differentiating them from blocked accounts.
    • Open the Instagram application, ensuring mobile data or WiFi is on.
    • Log into your account, go to the chat section, and open the chat screen.
    • Type a message and attempt to send it.
    • If it shows an error message and fails to send, it indicates the account is deactivated.
  4. All His Posts You Saved Are Gone:
    • Check the Saved section on Instagram to see if all saved posts from the user are gone. Deactivating an account removes all posts and pictures, making saved content unavailable in the Saved section without notification.

These observations can help confirm whether a user has deactivated their Instagram account.

How To Tell If Someone Deleted Instagram Or Blocked You:

To determine whether someone has deactivated their profile or blocked you on Instagram, you can employ various techniques that help differentiate between the two scenarios. Here are steps and indications to assist you in figuring out if you are blocked or if the person deactivated their profile:

  1. Check the Profile of that Person:
    • Copy the profile URL of the person in question.
    • Open the profile on the web or your mobile device.
    • If the page displays ‘Sorry, that page isn’t available,’ it indicates profile deactivation.
    • If you see ‘no posts yet’ with a ‘User Not Found’ error, it suggests you have been blocked.
  2. Verify with Filter of Changed Username:
    • Check your ‘Following’ list on your Instagram profile.
    • If you find the person on the list, it’s likely they changed their username.
    • If not found on the following list and the profile is inaccessible while logged out, the person deactivated their account.
  3. Look at the Profile without an Account:
    • Log out of your Instagram account.
    • Copy the profile URL and open it in a browser.
    • If the profile is visible, it indicates a block.
    • If it shows ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available,’ the profile is deactivated.
  4. Finding out the Hashtags:
    • Look for hashtags associated with the profile.
    • Open the hashtags link from a friend’s profile or an incognito window.
    • If posts are visible, it suggests a block; if not, it indicates deactivation.
    • If another profile with the same name is found, it may be a new account.
  5. Check your Saved List for Media:
    • If posts of someone else are missing from your saved list, they may have blocked you.
    • Try checking the post using the saved bookmark URL without an account.
  6. Ask your Friends to Investigate:
    • Request a friend with mutual followers to check the profile.
    • If your friend can access the profile, it confirms a block.
    • If the profile is not visible from your friend’s account, it suggests deactivation or deletion.

Utilizing these techniques, particularly the ‘hashtag method,’ can help you discern whether the person blocked you or deactivated their Instagram profile.

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