How To Add Instagram Filter To Existing Photo

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✎ Key Points:

» Explore Instagram’s existing filters by uploading photos or videos from your camera roll directly within the Instagram app.
» For a unique touch, consider utilizing Spark AR tools on your PC through Facebook to create personalized filters, but keep in mind the limitations of available filter options.

» Alternatively, for simplicity, easily add story filters from your camera roll to photos or videos within the Instagram app.

How To Add Instagram Filter To Existing Photo:

Instagram has introduced a fantastic new feature that allows you to add Instagram story filters to your existing photos or videos.

Here are the methods you can try:

1. Using Spark AR App

Creating Custom Filters with Spark AR:

If you’re on Instagram, you can craft your own filters through Facebook using Spark AR—a popular tool that lets you design custom self-filters for Instagram.

🔴 Follow these Steps:

Step 1: Download the Spark AR tool and log in using your Facebook credentials.

Step 2: Within the tool, select the ‘Camera‘ option and then choose ‘Face Tracker‘ to begin creating effects.

Step 3: Develop and customize the desired effects.

Step 4: Upload your custom effects.

Step 5: Once completed, head to the Facebook dashboard to get your filters verified by the Facebook team.

Step 6: Once approved, you can freely use your custom filters on Instagram.

2. Direcrly From the Instagram Camera

Now, adding a delightful touch to your posts doesn’t require retaking them. Follow these steps to add Instagram filters to an existing photo:

🔴 Follow these Steps:

Step 1: Open the camera within Instagram.

Step 2: Select the existing photo or video from your camera roll.

Step 3: Tap on the smiley face icon and choose the filter you wish to apply.

Step 4: Once you’ve selected your desired filter, it will be automatically applied to your photo or video.

Step 5: Alternatively, there’s another method to add a filter to your existing posts.

3. Uploading Photos on Instagram

To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below:

🔴 Follow these Steps:

Step 1: Start by tapping on your Instagram profile picture located in the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Next, click on the camera icon within Instagram.

Step 3: Select the desired existing photo or video to which you wish to apply the filter.

Step 4: Then, tap on the smiley face icon to reveal a list of available filters.

Step 5: Choose the filter you’d like to add.

Step 6: Tap on ‘Done’ to exit the filter carousel.

Step 7: Once the processing is complete, you can either save or upload it to your story.

With these steps, you’ve successfully learned how to add Instagram filters to your existing posts.

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