Profile Link Generator: Copy My Instagram Profile Link From App

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To duplicate the link to an Instagram page or profile, simply navigate to the desired profile or page.

On mobile, tap the three-dots icon, and you’ll find the ‘Copy profile Link’ option. Tap it to copy the URL.

If you’re using a desktop, access the link to Instagram profiles directly from the URL tab in your PC browser.

The process remains the same whether you’re obtaining the link for an Instagram profile or a page; the only distinction lies in business profiles, which are designated as brand profiles.

On a desktop, locating the profile link is straightforward, visible in the URL tab of your browser. However, on an Android device within the Instagram app, the URL bar is not visible.

How To Copy My Instagram Profile Link From App:

You may have come across several profiles on Instagram that you wish to save in your mobile bookmarks or on your desktop. To achieve this, you need to obtain the link from the profile, a straightforward process that can be done on both mobile and desktop to copy the profile URL.

1. Copy Profile Link from App: If you’re on your mobile and want to acquire someone else’s profile link, whether for sharing or personal use, follow these steps:

? Steps To Follow:

  • Step 1: Open the profile on your Instagram app that you want to copy the link for.
  • Step 2: Tap the three-dots icon on the top right corner of the Instagram app. From the list, tap on ‘Copy Profile URL.’
  • Step 3: The profile link is now copied to your mobile clipboard, ready to be shared or pasted.

This process is applicable on both iOS and Android devices when copying the link of an Instagram profile or page.

2. Find the Instagram Profile Link on PC: If you’re on your PC or laptop, finding someone’s Instagram account profile link is straightforward.

? Steps To Follow:

  • Step 1: Without logging in, open the Instagram page or profile you want to copy the URL for.
  • Step 2: In the next tab, you’ll find the profile link on the URL tab of your desktop browser.

This is all you need to do when looking for the Instagram profile link on your PC.

3. Find Your Instagram Profile Link: To save your own Instagram profile link, follow these simple steps:

? Steps To Follow:

  • Step 1: On mobile or PC, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Step 2: Go to your profile section by tapping on your profile icon, and your profile link will be visible on the browser URL if you’re on your desktop. On the mobile app, tap the three-dots icon and select ‘Copy Profile URL’ to copy your profile link.

4. Find the URL of an Instagram Page: Obtaining the Instagram page link follows the same process as obtaining a profile link on the Instagram app or from the desktop.

Simply log in, open the Instagram page, tap the three-dots icon, select ‘Copy Profile URL,’ and you’re done. The process for finding the link to an Instagram page is identical to finding any Instagram account link you’ve previously searched for.

What can be done with the Instagram Profile Link:

Having the Instagram profile link is a time-saving measure, eliminating the need to repeatedly browse for updates on a particular profile or page.

On Instagram, where profiles and pages may undergo updates 3 to 4 times a day, saving the profile or page link to your bookmarks allows for direct access. This means that whenever you wish to check for updates, you can simply visit the saved link to discover the latest content on that Instagram account.

Furthermore, having the link enables you to easily share it with friends, especially if the content is relevant to their interests or work. This streamlined system proves beneficial for sharing and accessing specific profiles or pages efficiently.

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