Why Aren’t My GIFs Working On Instagram

Why Aren’t My GIFs Working On Instagram

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To resolve the problem of GIFs not functioning on Instagram, you may attempt updating the Instagram app through the Google Play Store to ensure it’s up to date. Furthermore, granting essential permissions via Settings > Apps and Permissions and clearing Instagram’s cache in Internal Storage can also be helpful.

Why Aren’t My GIFs Working On Instagram:

There are the reasons below if you see the GIF is not working,

1. Unsupported File Format

If GIFs aren’t functioning on Instagram, it could be due to the platform’s limited support for certain GIF file formats. Instagram mainly accommodates image and video formats, which might not include all GIF types.

Therefore, if you’re attempting to upload a GIF in an unsupported format, it won’t play as intended on Instagram. Converting the GIF to a compatible video format such as MP4 before uploading is advisable to ensure seamless playback.

2. Size and File Limitations

When encountering this problem, it could be related to Instagram’s size and file constraints. Instagram imposes limitations on the dimensions and length of media files, including GIFs.

If your GIF surpasses these boundaries, it may not function correctly on the platform, potentially leading to playback issues or truncation. It’s crucial to ensure that your GIF adheres to Instagram’s specified size and duration guidelines for optimal performance.

3. Permission is Not Allowed

If you haven’t granted Instagram permission to access all necessary hardware and privacy features, you won’t be able to use GIFs when sending messages on the platform.

GIFs have become ubiquitous across various platforms, adding humor and expression to conversations on social media.

Yet, Instagram users often encounter difficulties sending GIFs in messages, causing frustration and a need for resolution.

This issue may stem from prior denial of Instagram’s access to certain required features, preventing GIF usage in messages.

Fortunately, rectifying this problem is straightforward: simply provide the required permissions to Instagram through your device’s Settings.

Once permissions are granted and your device is restarted, you’ll regain the ability to send GIFs via direct messages on Instagram.

4. App is not Updated

If you encounter difficulties sending GIFs on Instagram, it may be due to using an outdated version of the app. Older versions lack the latest features and are more prone to glitches over time.

If you haven’t updated Instagram to the newest version, you won’t have the capability to send GIFs in direct messages (DMs).

Thus, it’s essential to update the Instagram app to the latest version available on the Google Play Store or App Store to enable GIF sending without complications.

If updating doesn’t resolve the issue, you can also report the problem to Instagram and await their response for a solution.

How To Fix Instagram GIFs Not Working:

There are the following methods if you see the GIF is not working:

1. Update the App

Below are the steps to resolve the problem of GIFs not functioning on Instagram, primarily caused by using an outdated app version. Older versions are prone to crashing and glitches, hindering access to the latest features.

Updating the Instagram app is crucial, as newer versions not only introduce new features but also address security concerns and bugs from previous releases. To update, simply navigate to the Google Play Store.”

Here are the steps you need to follow to update the application:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: Search for the Instagram app using the search bar.

Step 3: From the search results, tap on the green Update button next to the Instagram application.

Step 4: Wait for the update to download and install automatically.

2. Have to Allow All permissions for Instagram

You must grant permission to the Instagram application to access necessary features. Denying these permissions restricts the app’s access to hardware and privacy features.

Instagram typically requests access to your device’s camera, location, microphone, contacts, etc. It’s essential to grant these permissions for smooth functioning, especially when using Instagram to send GIFs.

Here are the steps to grant the required permissions to Instagram:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device.

Step 2: Scroll down and locate “Applications and Permissions.”

Step 3: Select “App manager.”

Step 4: Browse the list of installed applications and find “Instagram.”

Step 5: Tap on “Instagram.”

Step 6: Select “Internal Storage,” then tap on “Clear Cache.”

Step 7: Return to the previous page.

Step 8: Tap on “Permissions.”

Step 9: Swipe all the switches to the right to enable them.

Step 10: After granting the required permissions to the Instagram app, restart your phone. Then, open the Instagram app to check if the issue has been resolved.

3. Uninstall & reinstall App

If the previous methods are unsuccessful, resort to reinstalling the Instagram app to address the issue. Minor crashes or glitches can sometimes necessitate this action.

To reinstall, begin by uninstalling the Instagram application from your device. Then, proceed to reinstall it from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Below are the steps to perform this method:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Begin by uninstalling the Instagram application. Navigate to the app menu, then press and hold the application. Select “Uninstall” from the options provided.

Step 2: Proceed to the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Search for the Instagram application.

Step 4: From the search results, tap on the “Install” button next to the Instagram application to reinstall it.

Step 5: Once the installation is complete, open the app and grant it all necessary permissions.

4. Report the Issue to Instagram

If none of the previously mentioned methods resolve the issue, you should report the matter to the Instagram Help Center. Since the issue pertains to the Instagram application, it’s best addressed directly through Instagram’s support channels.

Instagram typically takes about 24 hours to review reported issues and provide a solution or response. You can initiate the report directly from the Instagram application itself.

Follow the steps below to learn how to report the issue to the Instagram Help Center:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Instagram application and log into your account.

Step 2: Before proceeding, take a screenshot of the issue you’re encountering, such as GIFs not working on the Instagram app.

Step 3: From the Instagram homepage, tap on the profile picture icon.

Step 4: Then, tap on the three-lines icon located at the top of the profile page.

Step 5: Tap on “Settings.”

Step 6: Next, tap on “Help.”

Step 7: You’ll see a set of options. Select the first one by tapping on “Report a Problem.”

Step 8: Tap on the blue “Report a Problem” option.

Step 9: On the following page, clearly state your issue in a polite and understandable manner. Request a solution to the problem.

Step 10: Tap on “Gallery” and attach the screenshot of the issue you’ve just taken, then tap on “Submit.”

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