How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account

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✎ Key Takes:

» If a phone number is provided on a public account, you can easily obtain it from the account details. However, for private accounts, accessing this information may be limited.
» To retrieve a phone number from a private Instagram account, consider using the online tool, BeenVerified. Utilize its username search feature to locate the phone number associated with the private account.
» Alternatively, you can send a follow request directly to the user. Once accepted, you’ll gain access to the user’s profile and may find their phone number there.
» Another approach is to communicate with the user via direct message (DM) to request their phone number. Additionally, you can search for the user’s Facebook or LinkedIn profile, where their phone number may be available.

How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account:

You can find the phone number of a private Instagram account by applying any of the following techniques:

1. Using BeenVerified Tool

You can uncover the phone number associated with any Instagram profile by conducting a search using their Instagram username on BeenVerified. This platform offers over seven types of distinct searches.

BeenVerified serves as a third-party online tool that provides information on individuals, vehicles, companies, properties, and more.

🔴 Steps to Use BeenVerified:

Step 1: Access the official website of BeenVerified from your browser.

Step 2: Scroll down the homepage to find the list of searches.

Step 3: Locate and click on the “username search” option.

Step 4: Enter the username for which you’re searching the phone number into the “ENTER A USERNAME” box, then click on SEARCH.

You’ll receive the complete report shortly, which includes the phone number.

2. Sending Follow Request

When it comes to private profiles, accessing profile details is restricted unless you follow their accounts. Therefore, if you wish to view someone’s profile details and find their phone number, you must send them a follow request.

Even after sending a follow request, you cannot view the profile until it is accepted, indicating that the user has approved you as a follower. Only then can you access details like the bio, posts, etc.

Many users include important information in their Instagram bios, including phone numbers. Therefore, once your follow request is accepted, you can check if the user has provided their phone number in their bio.

You may also need to search through the user’s posts section to find their phone number.

Until you send a follow request and become a follower of the private account, you cannot view the profile details, including the phone number.

3. Ask on DM

If you’re eager to obtain the phone number of a user who maintains a private Instagram account, the most direct approach is to send them a direct message (DM) asking for their phone number.

Since it’s not possible to gather the phone number through profile stalking due to the account’s privacy settings, reaching out directly to the user via DM is the quickest method to request their phone number.

◘ Locate the user by clicking on the search icon and entering their username in the search box.

◘ Once the results appear, click on the user’s profile to access it.

◘ At the top right corner, you’ll find three dots. Click on them.

From the options provided, select “Message.”

This action will take you to the message page where you can communicate with the user. Approach the user politely and explain why you’re requesting their phone number.

4. Find Alternatives Social Profiles

If you’re seeking the phone number of an Instagram user with a private account, you can explore their profile on other social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms typically have sections dedicated to displaying user contact information, including phone numbers.

Since private Instagram accounts do not disclose phone numbers, you’ll need to switch to Facebook to locate the user. Once you find their profile on Facebook, navigate to their About Info section by clicking on “See (User) About Info.” Here, you can scroll down to locate the user’s phone number.

If you encounter difficulties accessing the phone number on the user’s Facebook profile, or if their Facebook account is restricted, you can also try searching for them on LinkedIn. On the user’s LinkedIn profile page, among other personal details, you’ll often find their phone number displayed.

Utilizing this method makes it much simpler to obtain the phone number of a user with a private Instagram profile.

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