Instagram Location Tracker: How To Find Instagram Account Country

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✎ Key Points:

» Discovering an Instagram account’s location can be achieved by examining their profile bio or the username, commonly utilized by business profiles to showcase their location.
» Additionally, you can explore their account activity, specifically focusing on locations tagged in pictures or mentioned in captions.

Instagram Location Tracker:

If you’re interested in obtaining the IP address of an active Instagram account, one method involves sending a tracking link to the person.

This link is designed to track the person’s location and other network details each time they click on it.

🔴 Follow These Steps:

Step 1: First, go to the website where you can create a tracking link.

Step 2: Put a link to an attention-grabbing article and click to create the tracking link.

Step 3: Send the link to the person via messages. Remember, the person has to open it in a new tab, so send the link in text form.

Step 4: Once the person opens the link, you can view the real IP with the tracking link. You can filter out the bots’ IP to see only the real IP of that person, and this method is 100% effective.

That’s all you have to do.

After obtaining the IP address, it’s important to verify that it belongs to a real Instagram account before drawing any conclusions regarding the details.

How To Find Instagram Account Location:

Know the following things below:

1. Find on Profile

If you’re looking to locate someone’s Instagram profile, you can search for location information in their profile bio section. Users typically include details about themselves in their Instagram bios to inform others.

Additionally, check the username for any indication of location. Business or company profiles often combine the location name with the username to inform others about their location. If you don’t find location information in the username or bio section, you can try the next method.

2. Instagram account activity

On Instagram, users can share various pictures and videos by tagging their location. If you’re trying to determine someone’s location, you can explore their profile to view their posts and pictures.

Check the locations tagged in the pictures, as these are likely to be the user’s hometown or frequent spots. Be sure to review all recent posts to gather information about their location.

While users may not always tag locations in pictures, you can still read the caption to see if they’ve mentioned any location names.

Instagram posts and stories sometimes include live locations, providing clues about the user’s city or whereabouts. If you can’t find the information through exploration, consider reaching out to the user directly, if possible.

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