How To Find Instagram User Information By Username

How To Find Instagram User Information By Username

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✎ Key Takes:

» To discover Instagram user information, simply input the user ID into Google to retrieve details about the user or brand associated with the username.
» Additionally, you can uncover email addresses associated with the user ID using an email finder tool. is a highly recommended option for this purpose.

How To Find Instagram User Information:

To gather information about an Instagram account, simply input the Instagram username into Google. The search results may reveal details about the account owner’s name or brand, offering insights even if you don’t follow the account. Additionally, you can engage with users by leaving comments or sending direct messages on Instagram.

Below are methods you can try to find details or information about an Instagram account:

1. Search User Information on Google

If you possess the user ID of a user or brand, input it into Google’s search box to retrieve information from the results.

The search results will indicate whether the username belongs to a brand or an individual. If it pertains to a brand, you may also discover the brand’s website.

Usernames can offer valuable insights into someone’s identity. Typically, Instagram account usernames are associated with the owner’s real name or brand name. Thus, even if you don’t follow the account, you can uncover information about the owner or the brand by searching their username on Google.

2. Sending a DM (Instagram)

You can employ alternative methods to connect with Instagram users by initiating contact. Consider leaving comments on their social posts or sending a direct message.

Furthermore, conduct a Google search of their name to determine if they have any other online profiles. When reaching out, ensure your message is concise, provide value, and consider following up to enhance the chances of receiving a response.

3. From Instagram Bio

Utilize the Instagram mobile app to locate an Instagram user’s email address.

Step 1: Open the Instagram mobile app on your device.

Step 2: Search for the profile you wish to contact.

Step 3: Locate the ‘email address’ button in their bio.

Step 4: Tap the button and choose your preferred email app (e.g., Gmail) to open, where you’ll find their business email.

4. Tool – Find Email

Using an Instagram username, you can discover the email address of the user without needing to follow the account. Instead, you can utilize an email finder tool, which are typically web-based platforms.

These tools assist in locating both professional and personal email addresses associated with usernames.

While some email finder tools may require a subscription, there are free options available. Simply input the username into the email finder tool, and it will provide the associated email address.

One of the recommended email finder tools is: [tool name].
is one of the most useful email address finders that you can use for finding email addresses from any Instagram user ID.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the tool from the link:

Step 2: Next, on the input box, enter the user ID.

Step 3: Click on the Find Emails button.

Step 4: In the results, you’ll be able to see the company or brand names along with the number of emails found.

Step 5: Click on the required one to see the email ID of the user or the company.

5. Use BeenVerified Lookup

Reverse username lookup tools are invaluable for uncovering all the details behind any username. Simply input the username into the search box of the reverse username lookup tool, and the results will provide comprehensive information.

This may include the owner’s name, location, background details such as employment and marital status, followers and followings, contact details, and more.

One of the premier reverse lookup tools available is BeenVerified.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the tool from the link:

Step 2: Enter the username in the input box and click on the green SEARCH button.

Step 3: The results will be generated within a few seconds.

What Are The Details You Can See With Instagram User ID:

Here are some of the details you can find out if you know the user ID of any account on Instagram. 

1. Name of the User or brand

Usernames or user IDs on Instagram accounts are typically associated with the name of the owner or the brand. Small business owners often create Instagram accounts for their brands and use the brand name as the user ID for the account.

Even if you don’t follow an Instagram account, having the username allows you to discern the name of the company or the owner of the account. Subsequently, you can conduct a Google search to obtain further details about the user or the company.

2. Date of Birth or Date of Creation

When creating a username, users frequently incorporate numbers or numeric characters to enhance its informativeness or aesthetic appeal.

However, these numbers are often not random but hold significance. Users may include their date of birth, year of birth, or the year of account creation. Sometimes, they even include their age in the user ID.

Therefore, if you encounter numeric characters in a user ID, understand that they likely represent something meaningful rather than being random numbers.

3. Country or Geographical Location

Certain users opt to incorporate their geographic location into their account usernames. If you notice a location or country in the username, it’s highly likely that the user hails from that particular region.

Similarly, companies with multiple branches across various locations often include their location in the user ID to distinguish between their accounts.

4. Email ID of a brand

From the user ID, you can also discern the email address associated with the brand or the user. Instagram users frequently use the same username for their email address and Instagram account to maintain consistency and connectivity. Simply inputting the username into an email finder tool can reveal the email address linked to that username.

5. Occupation

For a professional account, the username typically includes the name of the profession. By examining the username, you can determine whether it pertains to a professional account. Additionally, the Instagram username often provides insight into the occupation or profession of the account owner.

6. Background Details

Merely by examining the username, you can uncover background details about the owner of the Instagram account. Utilizing a reverse lookup tool to search for the username grants access to the owner’s public records.

Results may include information such as criminal records, arrest records, marital status, and employment status, sourced from public databases. Additionally, these tools may offer links to the user’s social media profiles.

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