How To Find Someone’s Email On LinkedIn

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✎ Key Takes:

» To discover someone’s email on LinkedIn, head to their profile, tap the three dots icon, and choose “Contact info” for access.

» If the email isn’t visible there, simply reach out to the user directly on LinkedIn, politely asking for their email.

How To Find Someone’s Email On LinkedIn:

You have the following methods below:

1. From Profile’s Contact Info

When seeking an email address on a LinkedIn profile, accessing the Contact info section is key. On professional LinkedIn accounts, this section reveals the user’s Email address, website, and linked phone number.

Yet, personal LinkedIn profiles lack a separate Contact Info section. For these, scanning the profile bio is necessary to locate provided contact details like email or phone number.

🔴 Steps to find email via Contact Info:

Step 1: Launch the LinkedIn app.

Step 2: Sign in to your profile.

Step 3: Use the search box to find the user’s profile by name, then click on the profile from the results to enter their page.

Step 4: Tap the three dots icon.

Step 5: Select Contact info.

Step 6: There, you’ll discover the user’s email address alongside a link to their LinkedIn profile.

2. Ask Him On Message

If the user’s email isn’t found in their LinkedIn Contact info, it might not be linked to their LinkedIn account or might not be publicly visible. In this scenario, reaching out directly through LinkedIn messaging is necessary to request their email address.

When composing this message, remember to articulate the reason behind your request while communicating via LinkedIn. It’s crucial to obtain the user’s agreement to share their email address through this channel.

Only upon the user’s consent to share their email address via message will you instantly receive it. Otherwise, an alternative method becomes necessary.

3. Find Them From Social Media

An alternative method to find the email address involves checking the user’s details across other social media platforms. Begin by searching for the user’s Facebook account and exploring its About section for potential email details.

If the Facebook account isn’t available or is restricted, turn to their Instagram profile. Check the bio section of the Instagram profile, as sometimes email addresses are included there. In case it’s not visible, proceed to search for the user’s Twitter account. Examine the Twitter bio to see if the email address is provided there.

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