How To Find Gmail ID Of YouTube Channel

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✎ Key Takes:

» To locate a YouTube channel’s Gmail ID, explore the video description, ‘About’ section, or ‘Details’ section. Check for any email references in these segments.

» Exercise caution and respect privacy while searching for email IDs; only access publicly shared information and avoid unauthorized means.

» If the Gmail ID remains elusive via the aforementioned methods, consider subscribing to their newsletter for official communications and updates.

How To Find Gmail ID Of YouTube Channel:

Certain ways can help you see the email ID of a YouTube channel, just follow the methods below:

1. LinkedIn for Gmail ID

If the YouTube channel maintains a LinkedIn presence, accessing the email ID directly from their LinkedIn contact information is possible.

🔴 Instructions:

Step 1: Open your LinkedIn app and log in to your account.

Step 2: Search for either the channel name or the owner’s name and navigate to their profile.

Step 3: Locate the three-dot icon positioned next to the ‘Add Section’ option.

Next, select the ‘Contact info’ option. This section may display the owner’s Gmail ID.

In case the email isn’t listed, fret not. LinkedIn serves as an official platform for professional interactions. You can directly message the owner here to request their Gmail ID for official communication.

2. Open Video & Description

The YouTube video description serves as an informative area where many creators share their contact information, including Gmail IDs and social media links, enabling you to access their Gmail ID.

🔴 Instructions:

Follow these steps to connect with them using their Gmail ID:

Step 1: Launch your YouTube app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Use the search bar to find the channel whose videos you wish to view.

Step 3: Access the videos section to see all available content. Recent videos usually appear at the top, followed chronologically by older ones.

Step 4: Choose any video to watch and locate the down arrow beside the video’s title at the bottom.

Step 5: Click on the arrow to reveal the video description. Scroll through to find the Gmail ID and social media links typically placed towards the bottom of the description.

3. Find from Channel About Section

YouTubers often share their professional Gmail links in their About section for sponsorship opportunities or to facilitate contact. Easily locate their Gmail ID within the channel’s About section.

🔴 Instructions:

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube using your credentials.

Step 2: Use the search bar to find the channel whose email ID you seek.

Step 3: Open the channel and navigate to the top, where various sections like HOME, VIDEOS, PLAYLISTS, COMMUNITY, CHANNELS, and ABOUT are listed.

Step 4: Access the ABOUT section and scroll down to uncover the Gmail ID/Email ID within the description.

Step 5: The description section may also contain additional contact details such as phone numbers, social media accounts, and website links.

Note: If you can’t find an email ID, it might not be provided in that section by the channel.

4. View Business Gmail Email

You can access an email address associated with a YouTube channel using the new feature called “VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS,” which reveals the channel’s linked email.

🔴 Instructions:

Step 1: Visit someone’s YouTube channel and navigate to the ABOUT section.

Step 2: Within the ABOUT section, locate the ‘Details’ section positioned below the description.

Step 3: Look for the ‘For business inquiries’ option to VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS and click on it.

Step 4: Upon clicking, you’ll need to verify by checking the box “I’m not a robot” and then click ‘Submit’.

Step 5: Subsequently, the channel’s official Gmail ID will be displayed for contacting them.

For mobile users, open your Google browser and access ‘youtube.com’, then log in to your account. Tap the three dots at the top right and switch to ‘Desktop Site.’ Follow the same steps mentioned above thereafter.

5. Subscribe to Newsletter

Content creators on YouTube often utilize the YouTube Newsletter form to access their channel’s monthly analysis and receive correspondence from YouTube authorities.

Additionally, YouTubers create newsletter forms to boost video promotion, inviting subscribers to fill out forms and receive mail directly from the channel owner.

Should you encounter a newsletter form within a video description leading to a new website, complete the form as directed.

By completing the newsletter form, you’ll start receiving emails from the creator regarding their new videos and various topics of interest.

This approach allows you to obtain their email ID, enabling you to compose an email directly to their address for further communication.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to get an Email ID from YouTube Comments?

If a customer or viewer wishes to contact a YouTube channel owner, they might inquire about the owner’s Gmail ID in the comments section. If the owner consents to share their Gmail ID in a comment reply, it can be found there. Typically, YouTubers refrain from sharing their Gmail IDs in comments, but if they do, it can be easily located.

If there’s a multitude of comments and locating a specific one proves challenging, tools for scraping comments or coding to compile comments into an Excel sheet can be employed. Both methods enable the download of all comments, facilitating the identification of the owner’s Gmail ID if it has been provided.

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