How To See Who Blocked You On TikTok

How To See Who Blocked You On TikTok

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✎ Key Takes:

» To identify if someone blocked you on TikTok, look for certain signs: they’re no longer on your Following list, you can’t view their videos, and you’re unable to find or message them.
» Check your liked videos; if a previously liked video is now missing, it’s a potential sign of being blocked.

» To confirm if you’ve been blocked, visit your Following list on TikTok through the Profile icon, then “Following.” If a username that used to be there is now absent, it strongly suggests you’ve been blocked on TikTok.

How To See Who Blocked You On TikTok:

You have to check with these things to see who blocked you on TikTok:

1. Check Missing People

If someone blocks you on TikTok, their account vanishes entirely from your view. If you previously followed them, their account would typically show up in your Following list when browsing through it. The Following list contains profiles you’ve followed on TikTok and is accessible via the profile icon.

When someone blocks you, their profile no longer appears in this section. Therefore, if you can’t find someone whom you used to see in your Following list, it’s a strong sign that they’ve blocked you from their account.

2. Seeing Whose Videos Are Missing

If someone blocks you on TikTok, their videos become invisible to you. This absence means their content won’t show up in your TikTok feed. Any videos you previously liked from their account will also disappear from your liked videos section.

Comments you made on their videos will vanish as well. Even if you attempt to search for hashtags they’ve used, everyone else’s videos under those hashtags will appear except theirs. These collective actions serve as the most definitive signs that you’ve been blocked on TikTok.

3. The Person You Can’t Search

When someone blocks you on TikTok, a noticeable change occurs in your account—you can’t find them anymore. Typically, we use the search feature on the Explore page to look up usernames of other TikTok users or those we follow.

However, attempting to find someone who has blocked you doesn’t yield the expected results. After entering their username and hitting enter, their account simply doesn’t show up.

No matter how many variations of their username you try, the outcome remains consistent. So, if you experience this situation, it’s a clear indicator that you’ve been blocked.

4. To Whom you Can’t Send Messages

Individuals who have blocked your account on TikTok cannot receive messages from you. This measure is taken to prioritize the safety of the person who initiated the block, aligning with TikTok’s guidelines.

When attempting to send a message, you’ll receive a notification stating that the account doesn’t exist, instead of receiving information indicating that you’ve been blocked. This approach ensures the privacy of the person who has blocked you.

If Someone Blocked Me On TikTok, Can They See My Videos?

Another noticeable change in your account after being blocked is the absence of any updates from the person who blocked you. New videos uploaded by them won’t appear in your feed, which typically showcases content from people you follow.

Moreover, you won’t receive notifications about their LIVE streams or any form of engagement with their account. If you’ve observed these changes lately, it’s a strong indication that you’ve been blocked.

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