How To Find Email IDs Of Company Employees

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✎ Key Points:

» Reliable business listing platforms such as Yext and Birdeye often provide comprehensive company contact details. Additionally, searching through journals, publications, and using Google can yield the necessary information.

» For email addresses, explore the contact section of the company’s official website. Another approach is to connect with company directors on LinkedIn and politely inquire about the required information.

How To Find Email ID Of Company Employees:

Try the following methods:

1. From USA Business Listing Sites (i.e. Yext, Birdeye)

“Accessing company contact details through business listing sites remains one of the traditional yet effective methods. Platforms like Yext and Birdeye exemplify this approach, offering comprehensive business contact information within specific areas.

Next, a Yahoo! partner app, expands the scope by providing access to Yahoo!’s business directory and other affiliated sites. It furnishes business names, contact details, and addresses.

Birdeye operates similarly, serving the same function, but both platforms typically require a membership for access.”

2. Recently Published Journals or Magazines

“Business and entrepreneurship-focused journals and magazines feature a mix of press releases and diverse articles spotlighting both emerging and established companies, ensuring widespread exposure.

Contact details like email addresses and phone numbers are typically placed at the start or end of relevant sections for convenient access.

Accessing these magazines online or in print form provides valuable information. While some entrepreneurship magazines are freely available for download, premium publications often require a subscription for access to more comprehensive content.”

3. Google Search Company Name

“Utilizing a Google search presents a straightforward method to locate company contacts. Open your preferred web browser and enter the company name followed by ‘Facebook’ and ‘Email’ to refine your search.

Alternatively, input the contact or company name along with ‘Google Map’ and ‘contact number’ to find specific details. Accurate results depend on using the correct format.

Note: The initial search results often display ads, identifiable by the ‘Ad’ label. Exercise caution and refrain from clicking on these; opt for authorized and secure websites instead.”

How To Find Email Address Of Company Director:

The following methods are below:

1. Find Directors on Company Website

To obtain the email address of a company’s director, begin by visiting the company’s official website.

Using your web browser, access the Google search engine and input the company’s name. Be cautious of clicking on any ads and choose the correct website address from the search results.

Once on the website, navigate to the contact information section, often located on the ‘About’ page. Here, you’ll typically find details including the director’s name, email address, or phone number.

2. Find Email From LinkedIn

“The most direct method to discover a company director’s email address involves using LinkedIn. Access to an account is necessary, but the information available there is typically reliable.

Simply use the search bar to input the company’s name and access its profile.

Within the company profile, locate the director’s profile within the ‘people who work there’ or ‘connections’ section, often included in the bio.

Usually, the director’s email is visible on their public profile. If not displayed, connect with them and send a personalized message requesting their email address directly.”

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