Verizon autopay discount? Is it worth it? If yes, how to set up autopay?

Verizon autopay discount? Is it worth it? If yes, how to set up autopay?

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What Is Verizon Auto Pay Discount? Is It Worth It?

Verizon is currently in the process of revising the prices for its prepaid plans; as a result, the company’s unlimited plan is now available for $70 a month, or $65 with a discount of $5 for enrolling in autopay.

When you consider that the previous prepaid unlimited plan cost $75 per month, it is a significant savings. There is also a new 8GB plan for $45 and a 3GB plan for $35, which are only slight improvements over the previous options of 7GB for $50 and 3GB for $40 (via Android Authority), once you factor in the $5 autopay discount Verizon is applying to the new numbers; however, the additional 1GB that is added to the mid-tier plan is nice.

Given that this is one of Verizon’s three “unlimited” plans, it is vital to clarify what the prepaid unlimited plan contains. With this plan, you have unlimited call and texting in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as well as unlimited texting to over 200 countries.

The maximum resolution for video streaming is 480p, and unlike the limited data options, there is no mobile hotspot option. Prepaid plans, just like Verizon’s least expensive postpaid unlimited plan, are subject to the deprioritization of data by default if the network is crowded. However, unlike postpaid plans, prepaid plans do not have a data cap that consumers can deplete in advance.

If you’re already taking use of Verizon’s prepaid plan, then the good news is that the company has lowered the fees associated with doing so since the last time it made changes to those limits.

What Is Auto Pay?

The Account Owner has the ability to establish a recurrent, hands-free monthly payment for your mobile phone bill through the use of the Auto Pay feature.

Auto Pay and paper-free billing are options for paying your Verizon mobile bill that are available to you regardless of the mobile plan that you have. You can earn a discount on both your monthly Auto Pay payment and your paperless billing if you are eligible for the plan.

How To Set Up Verizon Auto Pay?

You can set up Auto Pay through My Verizon by following the directions that appear on the screen. Or, you can hit the Menu symbol in the top-left corner of the screen in the My Verizon app, then tap Bill, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Note that if you choose a payment date that falls on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month, your payment will be processed on the day after the due date for months that do not contain that particular date.

On a regular account, the payment method cannot be a credit card if you are qualified for and wish to get the $5 or $10 monthly per line discount for Auto Pay and paper-free billing and if you are eligible for this discount.

Is The Verizon Visa Card Eligible For Verizon Auto Pay Discount?

The Verizon Visa Card is the only credit card that can be used to qualify for the AutoPay discount offered by Verizon. If you do not have the card, then you will need to use a checking account or a debit card as your means of payment in order to qualify for the discount. You can choose between a discount of $5 or $10 per line, per month (depending on your plan).

The discount for automatic bill payment is a wonderful perk that is available to all Verizon customers and can be to their advantage. You can get a discount on your payment and get 2% cash back every month with this card if you set up Auto Pay and pay your bills with it.

If you did not have the Verizon Visa Card, you would have to decide whether to pay with a debit card in order to receive the discount or pay with an other credit card in order to earn rewards from that card. Both options are available to you if you have a Verizon card.

Credits worth up to one hundred dollars If you open a Verizon Visa Card account, you are eligible for credits worth up to one hundred dollars that can be applied toward the payment of your Verizon wireless or Fios bill within the first twenty-four months. You will also be eligible for a credit of $4.17 each month that you pay your payment in full using either your Verizon card or Verizon Dollars. This credit will be applied to your account the following month.

This card does not levy an annual fee and there are no costs associated with making foreign transactions. You are also able to use it worldwide without being subject to any fees associated with foreign transactions.

How To Change AutoPay Payment Date?

To change your Auto Pay payment date anytime, either online in My Verizon or on your Go to the page Manage your payment preferences and click Edit next to the payment date if you want to modify the date that your Auto Pay payment is processed at any time. You can do this either online in My Verizon or on your smartphone with the My Verizon app.

Important: If the date of your next payment falls before the day that your new withdrawal date will be processed, you will need to ensure that your next payment is processed manually.

How To Disable Auto Pay?

Within My Verizon, navigate to the page that manages your payment preferences, pick the Pause or turn off option, and then select the Turn off option. This will turn off Auto Pay.


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