What's the difference between sent and delivered?

What’s the difference between sent and delivered?

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For those who are just getting started with SMS, a “failed to deliver” notification is the last thing we want to receive after sending a message to a new customer. Consequently, the opportunity to decode the text message status has never been better.

First and foremost, you must learn the terminology.

When you’re not familiar with the lingo, it’s easy to become discouraged and give up. Although we employ phrases that are common to all messaging systems, ours are slightly different.

Here we cover the universal meaning of the two words: Sent and Delivered. We shall also look at the difference between the two.


What Is Sent?

Sent means that the cellular network or carrier has received the message and is ready to deliver it.

It may appear as if your SMS message has been successfully sent to your customer’s phone, but it has only just begun its journey.

This is where most businesses take a deep breath and go about their day certain that their customer has received the notification.

Until this point, your SMS message hasn’t been delivered to the consumer, but it has reached the server from which it will be delivered.

The intended recipient may never get the SMS message if the sender’s internet connection goes down during this time period, leading to a “failed to send” signal.


What Is Delivered?

Delivered is the confirmation that the message was sent to the recipient’s phone, but it does not indicate if the message has been “seen.”

“Delivered” is a positive indicator. It implies that the text is ready and just needs to be opened by the recipient.

We’ve now gotten confirmation from our service provider that our message has made it to the recipient’s phone. As soon as the SMS message is delivered, we receive a notification. It’s possible that a delivery report will fail in some countries without a sophisticated mobile network, leading the status of a text message to stay “sent” even after it has been delivered.

Some customers’ phones don’t get texts even after they have been marked as “delivered” in message status reports. Clearing the cache and restarting the device may be all that is needed to fix this problem.

The Difference Between Sent and Delivered

Sent and delivered have fundamentally different meanings, however, the term ‘sent’ is sometimes used interchangeably. Sent is used when a message has been sent from one side to another and is awaiting the recipient’s response or response The terms “sent” and “delivered” are frequently used to describe the status of a message. “Delivered” indicates that the process has come to a close.

When a message is marked as “sent,” it is in transit to its intended destination; when it is marked as “delivered,” it has been received. This does not necessarily imply that the message has been read, though. You must also allow the recipient to get a “Message Received Receipt” so that you know the message has been delivered.


What Is An Undelivered Message?

An “Undeliverable” notification has been sent to the service provider, indicating that the message has not been delivered.

If the phone, phone number, or content in the SMS is wrong or improper for the recipient, the message will be marked “undelivered.” The most common source of the problem is sending a text to an incorrect phone number.

Be sure to check the quality of the phone numbers in the database you’re utilizing before sending out mass texts to thousands or even millions of recipients.

If there are only 11 characters and all digits, half of them are likely to be typos or landlines. Texting on a landline may be a thing of the past, but we’re still in the 21st century. Your database needs to be formatted correctly, no matter how much fun it is.


What Is A Failed Message?

FAILED = The message from the carrier was not accepted by the service provider, hence it cannot be delivered.

Don’t be alarmed, this is a simple problem to solve. Text messages may be rejected by a messaging service because of technical problems rather than human error.

How to fix the issue:

  • Text messages should be resent.
  • Occasionally, a connection fails, causing the text to be corrupted.
  • Verify that the phone number is correct and that the SMS is complete and contains all required numbers.


[FIXED] Verizon Message Plus Not Working

Below we have enlisted how you can fix the problem of Verizon Message+ not working. Before that, let’s understand what Verizon Message+ really is.

What Is Message+?

When you utilize Verizon Message+, you have the ability to send and receive messages with other Verizon Wireless customers around the world. Regardless matter whether you have a prepaid or postpaid phone plan, you can use this app. With a Wi-Fi connection, you may quickly transfer texts to this app.

Users will appreciate the application’s interactive user interface (UI), although it is prone to a variety of problems.


Message+ App Not Working: What Are The Reasons?

A number of factors can cause an application to crash, and some of them are outlined below:

  • Applications crash when their cache memory runs out because of repeated use and fills up too quickly.
  • The Message+ app does not work if there is a conflict with the default messaging program or another application on your mobile phone.
  • The application’s firmware may contain bugs that can lead to a firmware glitch and cause Message plus to continually halt.
  • It is not uncommon for OS updates to fail to install properly when they are interrupted by the user. In such a case, your phone’s applications are unable to function properly, resulting in messages that frequently cease.


How To Fix Verizon Message+ Keeps Stopping Issue?

Below, we’ve included some possible solutions to this problem:

Method 1: Restart Device

Despite the fact that there is no problem with the cell phone, your application may nevertheless fail. Restarting your phone or tablet is a great beginning step.

The Restart option will appear on your screen after you hold down the Power button for 4-5 seconds. Click Restart to restart your device.

Method 2: Clear Cache Data

Cache storage may have been filled up by the Message+, and this may have caused the app to stop working when users tried to use it. As a result, you’ll need to clear your cache and relaunch the app.

Method 3: Update Software

Many flaws can be found on a mobile phone when consumers use an app, and the app developer’s specialized experts try to fix those bugs. This is done every time, and users are sent updates that improve the application’s performance as a result.

This means that you should always maintain your mobile phone up to date, as it decreases the risk of old problems in your program and also allows you to discover new ones.

Method 4: Update Mobile Phone

In the same manner that smartphone manufacturers issue new software upgrades on a regular basis, application developers do the same. In other cases, though, you may find yourself with a broken phone and a working app at the same time.

Because of this, you may need to update your device in order to operate the application smoothly. Your device’s Settings menu includes an easy-to-access Mobile Phone Update option, which allows you to check for new updates and then install them.

Method 5: Reinstall

If you encounter a problem when using the Message+ app and the app or device cannot be updated, you can remove the app and reinstall it from the PlayStore or App Store.

Method 6: Factory Reset

In the event that you have exhausted all other options and your mobile phone continues to crash despite your best efforts, a factory reset is the only option remaining.

Method 7: Safe Mode

We can’t access any other programs in safe mode on a mobile phone because it’s limited to the phone’s internal storage. By running Message+ in safe mode, you can determine whether or not the problem is caused by the application itself or by third-party software.

So, to enter safe mode on your phone, follow the instructions below:

  • When you press the power button for 4-5 seconds, the power off option will appear on the screen.
  • After 4-5 seconds of holding down the power button, the safe mode option will display on the screen. Select the “Safe Mode” option.
  • The phone will now restart and enter safe mode. The icons may look different if you use the launcher, but the core menu icons will remain the same by default.
  • Start the Message+ program, and if it works normally, proceed to the steps below.
  • Navigate to Applications under Settings. Uninstall any questionable software.
  • If you are unable to delete a program, go to Settings > Application Permissions and disable all permissions for the application before uninstalling it.
  • Now, turn off the phone and then on again, and the suspicious application should be gone.


[FIXED] Failed Or Undelivered Verizon Messages

To fix the problem of Verizon Messages not being delivered, here are some fixes:

Solution 1: Restart your Phone

A restart is the simplest and most fundamental step you can do to troubleshoot your electrical gadgets.

A restart can be useful in cleaning caches and fixing small bugs in your phone, and it can also be useful in power cycling your phone.

As a general rule, this will help you send and receive texts on Verizon mobile devices.

If your Verizon texts still don’t go through, try the procedures listed below to troubleshoot the issue.

Solution 2: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode to Refresh your Network

Your mobile device has been refreshed, therefore now is the time to refresh your network.

When it comes to your mobile phone’s radiofrequency components, you’ll find a transmitter and receiver, along with other signal processing equipment like modulators.

These parts are vital in recognizing your mobile network, which is subsequently utilized to transmit and receive messages and calls.

Airplane mode on your Verizon phone refreshes these radio components, allowing the device to start scanning your network from scratch once you turn it on and off.

Solution 3: Manually Check and Modify your Network Settings

Next, examine your phone’s settings to see if anything has been changed by accident; this is an important step in the troubleshooting process.

Check your Verizon phone’s network settings first. In the first place, go to the settings of your phone and select the network option from the menu.

Then, set your network options to “autoconfiguration,” which restores default settings and helps your device receive network upgrades from Verizon more quickly.

It’s also possible that resetting your Verizon device’s network settings may help.

Solution 4: Manage your App Permissions

It’s also possible that the Verizon Messaging app doesn’t have enough permissions to send messages.

Your phone’s contacts, messages, and other critical features can be accessed by allowing the Verizon Messaging apps to access them.

Solution 5: Update your Phone’s Firmware

If your device is still using an outdated version of its operating system, you may experience issues. As these messages are no longer supported, Verizon may decide to prohibit them.

You can see if there are any new firmware or software updates for your phone by checking your mobile. If there are, you will need to upgrade your phone.

You can check for updates for Verizon devices by visiting the Verizon support page and clicking on the device of your choice.

Connect your fully charged device to the Wi-Fi network and begin the upgrade process by downloading the newer software version if you discover any.

Solution 6: Contact Support

To get support if you need it, you can contact the Verizon Customer Service department.

Also, you can come into a Verizon shop with your phone and ask an associate to help you with this issue. If you’re unsure about the difference between a Verizon Store and a Verizon Authorized Retailer, it’s best to visit a Verizon Store.

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