GB WhatsApp Unblock | Unblock Yourself Using GB WhatsApp

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✎ Quick Points:

  • To unblock yourself on WhatsApp, if you find that you’re blocked, you can utilize the Twilio App and its API to operate WhatsApp through a hidden number.
  • Another alternative is GBWhatsApp, a MOD version of WhatsApp, which may allow you to become unblocked.
  • To remove yourself from someone else’s WhatsApp block list, consider joining a common WhatsApp group or using a cloning app like an alternative to Parallel Space to create a new WhatsApp account for communication.

…Upon reaching out to the WhatsApp developer team for guidance, I corresponded with Antonia from the WhatsApp support team, who indicated that if both you and the person who blocked you are in the same WhatsApp group, you may still be able to view their messages and reply. Additionally, MODs for WhatsApp, such as GBWhatsApp, may offer features to address such situations more easily.

How To Unblock Yourself Using GB WhatsApp:

You can try the following methods:

1. Delete the Account & Re-register

To unlock yourself on GB WhatsApp, the most effective method is to delete your account and then re-register.

When you delete your account, all associated details are removed. If you haven’t backed up your chats, you’ll need to start anew. After re-registering your account, you can proceed to unblock yourself.

Here’s how:

  • Open the WhatsApp app’s settings on your device and navigate to the storage section.
  • Select the option to clear data. It’s important to note that you must clear the data, not just the cache files.
  • Clearing the cache files alone will not delete your account. You need to delete the data to register for a new account.
  • Tap on the “Clear data” option to proceed. Afterward, open the app, register for an account with the same number, and check if you are unblocked.

2. Registering with a New Number

If enabling the backup option on WhatsApp or re-registering with the same number doesn’t yield the desired outcome, you can consider resetting with a new number without deleting the previous account.

You can accomplish this using clone apps or the built-in cloning features on Android or iPhones. Create a new WhatsApp account on the clone app, and then register for a WhatsApp account with either a new virtual number or your original number. After successfully registering the new WhatsApp account, verify if the person has been unblocked.

How To Get Unblocked On WhatsApp From Someone:

Before attempting any unblocking methods, it’s crucial to confirm whether you’ve been blocked. Here’s how to do it:

  • Identify if You’re Blocked: If you suspect you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp and wish to unblock yourself, you need to first confirm if the person has indeed blocked you or simply deleted their profile. Start by identifying the blockage, as this will determine the appropriate method for unblocking yourself.
MethodsPriorityUnblock Rate
Third-party Installer1100%
Re-Installing WhatsApp32.9%

How To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp From Others:

If you’re unable to communicate with a blocked individual via WhatsApp group, you can utilize an alternative method regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device. This method ensures 100% effectiveness, allowing both WhatsApp accounts to remain active on the same device.

🔯 Dual Space – For iPhone: Dual Space is available on the Apple Store and enables cloning of up to 24 apps.

Here’s how to use Dual Space to unblock yourself:

Step 1: Visit the Apple App Store and install Dual Space.

Step 2: Register on Dual Space and clone WhatsApp.

Step 3: Register with a new number on WhatsApp.

Step 4: Send a message to the person and wait for the message to receive a double tick.

Step 5: Once you see a double tick on the sent message, you’re successfully unblocked on WhatsApp.

By following these steps, you can easily unlock yourself from WhatsApp on your iPhone. You can use a free number of your choice whenever needed to register for an alternative. This method guarantees the unblocking of your WhatsApp account. You can opt for any local or international number to register your new WhatsApp account.


In conclusion, to unblock yourself using GB WhatsApp, the straightforward approach is to delete your account and then re-register with the same number. This allows for a fresh start without any blocks.

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