How To Find Out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account & Track IP

How To Find Out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account & Track IP

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To identify a fraudulent Facebook account, you should visit the person’s Facebook profile and focus on three key aspects: their profile picture, timeline content, and personal information. These elements can provide valuable insights into the true identity behind a suspicious Facebook profile.

If you come across anything that appears dubious within these elements, it may indicate a fake profile.

Another telltale sign of a fake account is when you encounter a user who lacks a profile picture (DP) and doesn’t have any mutual friends or acquaintances who comment on their posts or are listed as friends.

Alternatively, you can employ an IP or Location Tracker tool. This tool allows you to input a Facebook username or profile URL and obtain the user’s location information.

How To Find Out Who Made A Fake Facebook Account:

If you’re unsure whether someone has created a fake profile using your name, identifying it is a straightforward process.

If you’re questioning whether it’s feasible to track the IP address of a counterfeit Facebook account, the answer is affirmative – you can indeed do so.

1. Duplichecker Reverse Image Search

You can utilize the Duplichecker Reverse Image Search tool to unveil the identity behind a fake Facebook account. This tool proves invaluable in pinpointing the origin of an image used in a counterfeit Facebook profile.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: First, visit: Duplichecker Reverse Image Search. This website is where you can access the tool.

Step 2: Locate the “Get Started” option on the page to initiate the reverse image search feature.

Step 3: Click “Sign In” to log into the tool. You may need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

Step 4: Now, upload the image associated with the fake Facebook account to the tool. The tool will analyze the image and provide results that can help you identify its source or discover similar images.

Step 5: You will see the uploaded image and search results. The tool will display visually similar images and provide information about where these images have been used on the internet and who is behind the Facebook account.

2. Google Image Search

To uncover fake accounts registered on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, perform a reverse image search on Google. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit and click on the image-search icon.

Step 2: Beforehand, prepare a selection of images that you have posted online on your social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Step 3: Conduct an image search on Google using these images one by one and review the displayed results.

This search will reveal your original images, as well as any links associated with similar images on other profiles. If someone has created a fake Facebook account using your images, it will show a link in the search results.

This reverse image search method is compatible with search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, making it a valuable tool for identifying historical fake profiles.

3. Facebook Login Method

During the login process on Facebook, you may be required to provide your profile image to help the platform identify your intended profile. Here’s how to use this method to spot fake accounts:

If you notice multiple accounts in the search results during the image search, you will find a list of fake accounts associated with your original account in the search results.

This is the simplest method to check for the existence of fake profiles created in your name.

How To Find IP Address Of Fake Facebook Account:

You can try the following methods below in order to find the location of a Facebook and get the IP address.

1. Use Tool

To discover someone’s IP address, follow these steps using the tool:

Step 1: Shorten the Article Link

Begin by shortening the article link on

If you’re attempting to trace a fake Facebook account, you’ll need to utilize a tracking link from the IP Logger tool. It’s a free tool. Shorten the link and then send it to the fake profile via Messenger.

Follow these steps to track a fake Facebook account:

Step 2: Send the Link via Facebook Chat

Once you’ve copied the shortened link to your clipboard, open the Facebook application and search for the person or fake profile using the Facebook search bar.

Click on the user’s name from the search results and enter their profile. Next, click on “Message” to access the Messenger chat page. Paste the shortened link in the text box and send it to the user.

Step 3: Wait for the User to Click on the Link

After sending the link to the user, send another message asking them to click on the link to view an exciting article associated with it. Patiently wait for the user to read your message and click on the link. The IP Logger tool will record the user’s IP address and location as soon as they click the link.

Step 4: Open the Access Link and Track IP

After waiting for some time, access the results link or tracking code by entering it into the IP Logger’s input box. Click on the “It’s a tracking code” button to access the results page, where you can track the user’s details.

Step 5: Track the Facebook User’s Location

Upon reaching the results page, you’ll be able to view the user’s IP address, country, city, as well as the date and time of when the link was clicked. You can use the IP address to gather further information about the user using an online IP tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can anyone track my fake Facebook account?

The ability to track you depends on the extent of anonymity you’ve established for your account. If you’ve employed a false name, profile picture, and other information, tracking you can be challenging. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to exercise caution and safeguard your online privacy.

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