How To Search Someone On TikTok Without Account

How To Search Someone On TikTok Without Account

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✎ Key Takes:

» To search for someone on TikTok without an account, head to the official TikTok website and utilize the search bar to locate the person’s profile.
» Alternatively, you can access a profile directly by typing in your browser, replacing ‘username’ with the person’s TikTok handle.

How To Search Someone On TikTok Without Account:

With TikTok’s Search bar feature, locating anyone’s profile is straightforward. However, you can also find someone’s profile without having an account.

1. From Web Browser

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open on Browser

To access TikTok from your web browser, start by visiting the TikTok official website. Whether using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser, open it and search for the TikTok official page. Alternatively, directly enter the URL to navigate to the desired section.

Step 2: Search Name on TikTok Search bar

Upon entering the TikTok official account, you’ll find the Log In option located at both the top right corner and the left column.

Tapping on it reveals various login and sign-up options, which aren’t necessary if you’re not using a TikTok account. Instead, focus on the Search bar positioned at the top of the Home screen. Simply tap on the TikTok Search bar and enter the name of the person you wish to find.

Step 3: See the Results

Upon conducting the search, multiple results related to your query will appear. Your task is to locate the person’s profile from this list, or you can inquire about their TikTok profile picture to assist in identification.

It’s advantageous to have the person’s name to refine the search. Additionally, you can use various parameters to pinpoint the profile. Once located, click on their profile name to access their TikTok profile page. Here, you’ll be able to view their account activity.

2. Directly Visiting Profile Link

If you’re not opting for the web browser method, you can utilize an alternate approach to search for someone’s TikTok account. This method works on both your PC and your mobile browser’s desktop site.

🔴 Steps:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome, click on the Three dots icon, and select “Desktop site.”

Step 2: Then navigate to the link in your browser.

Step 3: Within this link, you’ll notice ‘username’ at the end. Replace ‘username’ with the targeted person’s name, and you’ll be directly redirected to their TikTok profile.

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