Where Is The Bio Located On TikTok & Add

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✎ Key Points:

» To locate your TikTok bio, head to your Profile page and select the “Edit Profile” option. » Consider using a Business Account on TikTok to include a link in your bio. Switch to a pro account via “Three Dots” > Settings > Manage Account > Switch to a pro account.

» If you face any challenges, diligently follow the steps. Once you’ve successfully switched to a business account, return to your Profile Page, access “Edit Profile,” and input your preferred link under “Website.” Save your changes to finalize the addition of the link.

Can You Add a Link to Your TikTok Bio?

Adding a link to your TikTok bio is available exclusively for users with a Business TikTok account. Only those with a business profile on TikTok are granted the option to include a clickable link in their bio.

With a regular account, typing a link results in its display as a plain text sentence without any functionality. However, in a Business account, the added link appears in blue and becomes clickable, redirecting users to the intended webpage upon selection.

Therefore, to incorporate a functional link into your bio, you’ll need to switch to a Business account.

How To Add A Link To Your TikTok Bio:

To include a link in your TikTok bio, the initial step involves converting your personal TikTok account into a business account. Only business TikTok accounts have the functionality to add links to bios.

While personal and business accounts share most features with minimal differences, the critical disparity lies in the link addition feature exclusive to business accounts.

Now, let’s delve into the steps required to switch your account to a business profile and subsequently add a link to the bio:

Step 1: Open TikTok & Click on Profile

To begin, ensure your internet connection is active and launch the TikTok app. Access the “Me” tab by tapping the icon located at the lower right corner of the screen, identifiable by a human head-shoulder figure. This action will navigate you to your TikTok profile page.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Manage Account’  

Navigate to the profile page and tap on the “three dots” situated in the upper right corner of the screen to access the “Settings” section. Within the “Settings,” various options will be visible.

Choose the “Manage Account” option from the list to proceed.

Step 3: Switch to Pro Account

After selecting the “Manage Account” option, locate and click on the highlighted “Switch to Pro Account” (or Switch to Business Account) button in red.

Upon clicking, a confirmation prompt will appear, seeking your confirmation to proceed with the switch. Confirm the action by selecting “Switch” once again.

You’ll then be prompted to “Select an Account Type.” Opt for “Business” and proceed by tapping “Continue.”

Following this, you’ll be prompted to “Choose a business category.” From the provided list, select a category relevant to your account and link.

Once completed, you’ll have successfully switched to a business account, unlocking the features associated with it.

Step 4: Go Back to the Profile Page  

Once you’ve successfully transitioned your account to a business profile, return to the “Profile Page.” Alternatively, close the TikTok app, refresh it, and then reopen the application.

Upon relaunching TikTok, navigate to the “Me” tab to access your “Profile Page.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Edit Profile’

Navigate to the “Edit Profile” option on your profile page. Among the available options for modifying your TikTok account, you’ll find an option to add a link or website.

Under the “Website” tab, you can either input a link manually or paste a copied link.

Step 6: Website > Add Website

In the “Edit Profile” section, select “Add your website” located next to the “Website” option.

In the “add your website” section, you’ll find a field where you can either type or paste the desired link.

After adding the link, click on “Save” to incorporate it into your bio.

Keeping the website link concise is recommended for a more professional appearance.

Note that the option “Website > Add to your website” is exclusive to business accounts and isn’t available in typical personal TikTok accounts. Therefore, switching to a business account is essential to access this feature.

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