More Than Packaging: How ePac Can Help Your Snack Business Grow In 2024

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The snack market is a crowded and constantly changing sector in which the right provider of flexible packaging can give your business the edge necessary to succeed. Learn why you should work with a packaging partner that can help you build a recognizable brand, find packaging that fits your budget, give products the best presentation and grow with your business.

Boosting Your Brand Recognition

Global revenue for the snack food market in 2023 was over $539 billion in United States dollars. Experts predict this sector will have a 4.4% volume growth rate in 2024. Brand recognition is critical for a new snack food brand seeking to compete in this sector or an established brand planning to expand its market share.

The right packaging partner can go above and beyond providing printed stand up pouches to recommend the best package designs to help your brand stand out on store shelves and in online marketplaces. From selecting distinctive packaging colors and designs to considering the promotional advantages of sachets or stick packs, the best packaging service can suggest ways to increase brand recognition and grow your snack business.

Cost Effective Packaging Solutions

The materials and design options you choose and the quantity of orders for packaging all factor into the price per package. A custom flexible packaging provider can help you strike the right balance between quality and quantity. Digital printing technology can make producing short runs of new packaging designs more affordable and lower the cost of ordering larger quantities of packaging.

The cost savings of flexible packaging go beyond production to distribution. Flexible materials weigh less and take up less space, making products in pouches or Mylar bags more cost-effective to ship and store. You can consult with the best packaging partner about ways to maximize profits and minimize overhead costs at every stage of the product life cycle.

Full Range of Packaging Options

Your snack brand can benefit from partnering with a packaging service that offers a wide range of options with regard to packaging materials and design options. Whether you end up selecting polyethylene pouches or Mylar bag packaging for your products, you can choose from a full selection of films and barrier materials. These options include sustainable choices such as post-consumer recycled, recyclable or even compostable packaging.

In addition to packaging materials, your snack brand can consider design options for degassing valves, hang holes, tear notches or resealable closures. The best packaging company also offers certified child-resistant packaging and next-generation smart packaging designs that can appeal to, educate and encourage meaningful feedback from and engagement with consumers.

A Scalable Packaging Partner

The best packaging partner for your snack business can scale to meet growing demand or accommodate expanding product lines. As your brand becomes more recognizable and sales rise, you can see more profits by working with a packaging company that recommends cost effective materials and provides affordable digital printing services. Establishing a relationship with a packaging partner that can grow with your snack business is a forward-thinking decision as you plan ahead for 2024 and beyond.

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