How To Make Text Appear And Disappear On TikTok

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✎ Key Points:

Improve your TikTok videos with text overlays easily. After recording, tap the (Aa) icon to add text and adjust its duration by selecting ‘Set duration.’

Experiment with the ‘Edit’ feature to smoothly remove text. Play your video, tap the text, choose ‘Edit,’ and send it to the trash for a seamless transition.

Should you mistakenly add or need to tweak text, click on the words, edit, preview your changes by playing the video, and save the final version once satisfied.

How To Make Text Appear On TikTok:

On iPhone:

“To bring text onto your TikTok video using an iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Record video

Begin by opening the TikTok app and logging into your account. To add a text flash to your video, start recording within TikTok. Once the video is captured, you’ll see options to proceed:

◘ Launch the TikTok app and log in.

◘ Click on the + icon to start recording a new video.

◘ Capture the video.

◘ Your recorded video will display on the screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Text icon

“Once you’ve captured the video, locate the Text icon (Aa) at the bottom of the screen. Enter the desired text for your text flash, and customize its font size, style, and color. Tap ‘Done’ to include it on the screen.

The text will appear on the screen, and you can adjust its position by tapping and holding, then dragging it to your preferred spot.”

Step 3: Select ‘Set duration’

Once you’ve positioned the text flash on the video, the next step is determining its duration. Click on the text, then select “Set duration.” You can adjust how long the text appears by dragging the red border: move it right to increase the duration or left to shorten it. To make the text visible for the entire video, drag the red border to the video’s end.

Step 4: Tap on the checkmark

Once you’ve added the text flash, verify its setup by clicking the Play icon. Once you’ve reviewed it, save the changes by clicking the checkmark icon at the bottom right. Then, proceed to post it by clicking “Next.”


To add a text flash to your TikTok video on an Android device, follow these steps:

  • Launch the TikTok app and log in to your account.
  • Record the video you wish to upload, then tap the Text icon (Aa) to add text flash.
  • Enter your text and adjust its color, size, style, etc. Tap “Done” when finished.
  • To set the duration, tap the text on the screen and select “Set Duration.”
  • Adjust the text duration by dragging the video border.
  • Review the appearance of the text by tapping the Play button.
  • Save your changes by tapping the checkmark symbol.

How To Make Texts Disappear On TikTok:

Making text vanish in a TikTok video can be done too. To remove text, start by selecting ‘Edit,’ then simply drag the text to the trash icon, ensuring it’s no longer visible in the video.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

Step 1: Play video

The text previously inserted in your video can be effortlessly deleted. Simply play the video on your screen, allowing you to view the text as originally set.

Step 2: Tap on the Text icon

While the video is playing on your screen, clicking on the text or words will prompt three options to appear. You’ll then select ‘Edit’ from this list of options to continue with the process.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Edit’

When the options surface on your screen, select ‘Edit.’ Once you’ve clicked ‘Edit,’ the text will appear on the editing screen. Here, you can adjust the font style, size, and more, or even add or remove text.

However, for this method, you won’t need to modify the existing text; rather, you’ll be making it vanish from the video.

Step 4: Tap to Move to the Trash

On Android:

Step 1: Begin by playing the video on TikTok using an Android device.

Step 2: While the video is playing, tap on the text flash visible within the video to access the ‘Edit’ option.

Step 3: Select ‘Edit’ to open the editing screen for your text.

Step 4: Without editing the text, drag or move it to the trash icon. This action will remove the text from the video, making it disappear when played.

By following these steps, the text flash you added to your video will vanish.

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