How To Know If Someone Saved Your Number On WhatsApp

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✎ Key Points:

» You can determine if someone has saved your number on WhatsApp by observing their profile picture, but this method may be unreliable due to public photo settings.
» It’s important to check their profile photo and status, even if your contact is not saved, to gather details and confirm if your number is saved.
» If you’re blocked, you won’t see the profile picture, which could serve as a potential indicator. However, relying solely on this may lead to confusion, as some users keep their photos public.

How To Know If Someone Saved Your Number On WhatsApp:

There are some ways to tell if someone has saved your number in his contact list:

1. Check From the DP

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature aimed at enhancing privacy, allowing users to control who can view their profile picture. This feature, known as Profile Picture privacy settings, enables individuals to restrict access to their profile picture to either everyone or only their contacts.

If you’re interested in determining whether your friends or loved ones have saved your contact on WhatsApp, follow this method.

Below are some expert tips for checking DP visibility.

🔯 Verify If DP is Visible from Another Phone:

To verify if a suspect’s profile picture is visible to all users, save their number on a mobile phone that has never stored the target’s number or does not have it saved.

This approach provides two possible outcomes: whether the profile picture will be visible on the other phone or not.

🏷 The Outcomes:

If the profile picture is visible from your phone but not from the alternate phone, it indicates that your number has already been saved. This suggests that the profile picture is set to “My Contacts” privacy instead of the “Everyone” option.

Under the “Everyone” option, individuals display their profile picture to all users, while under “My Contacts,” only those in the contact list can view it. However, if the profile picture is visible on both devices, it does not necessarily confirm that your number has been saved.

2. Check by Uploading Status

Another effective method to confirm if your number has been added to someone’s contact list is by checking the upload status. If they can view your status and stories, it indicates that they have saved your number.

Here are the steps to follow for this method:

🔯 First, Upload the Status from Your Phone: Post any video status or picture on WhatsApp that you want your loved one or friend to see.

🏷 The Outcomes: The uploaded status may not be immediately visible to them. However, if you see their name on the viewers’ list, it indicates that they have saved your number.

If their name does not appear, it does not necessarily mean that they have not saved your contact; they may simply be unavailable to view your status. You can try this method multiple times for confirmation.

Overall, patience is key. Sometimes, a status may be viewed shortly before the completion of 24 hours, so it’s possible that you missed seeing their name on the list.

3. Create a WhatsApp Group

Another method is to create a WhatsApp group and add the person to it. If they can see your name and number in the group, it’s likely that they have saved your number.

However, keep in mind that some individuals may have set their privacy settings to prevent their names from being visible in group chats.

4. Check Last seen status

Observing the person’s last seen status can be an indication that they have saved your number. However, it’s important to note that they may have also enabled their last seen status to be visible to all contacts, which could give the appearance of your number being saved.

5. Send Him a Message

If you have the person’s number saved on your phone, you can send them a WhatsApp message. If the message is delivered and read, it could indicate that they have your number saved.

However, not receiving a response does not necessarily mean that they haven’t saved your number. They may have simply not seen your message or chosen not to respond.

6. Check the About section

If the person has filled out their About section, it might contain information about you, which could suggest they have saved your number.

However, some individuals may not fill out their About section or include information about you, even if they have saved your number.

How To See How Someone Saved Your Number On WhatsApp:

There isn’t a direct method, but with a few settings adjustments, you can infer how your name appears on their contact list.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your device and tap the three dots at the top right corner.

Step 2: Select “New Broadcast” and add the suspect’s contact along with another user whose number is already saved on their device.

Step 3: Send a message to the broadcast list.

Step 4: Once the message is delivered, long-press the text and tap on the notification option.

Step 5: Two sections named “Delivered by” and “Read by” will appear on the screen.

Step 6: If your name appears in the “Read by” section, it suggests that they have saved your number.

If your name does not appear, it implies that they have not saved your number.

Would you get a ‘Delivered’ tag on Messages if your number is not saved?

Whether or not your number is saved, you will see the “sent” or “delivered” tag when you send the message. Additionally, you will also receive the last seen information regarding the suspect, even if your number is not saved.

A double tick will appear when the message is delivered to the inbox, and it will turn blue depending on whether the user has opened the message or not.

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