What Do The Green And Red Arrows Mean On Snapchat

What Do The Green And Red Arrows Mean On Snapchat

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✎ Key Points:

» Arrows in your Snapchat interactions convey specific meanings: a filled red arrow indicates an audio-less Snap, and a double red arrow with three lines signifies a screenshot of your non-audio Snap.
» A double purple arrow indicates that someone has taken a screenshot of your audio-containing Snap.
» If you notice a filled grey icon after sending a friend request, exercise patience; the person hasn’t accepted it yet. Wait for their acceptance, and the grey icon will eventually transform into a friend confirmation.

If you are wondering about the arrow on a Snapchat story, it’s likely because you’ve observed an arrow icon next to a specific story.

This signifies that someone has taken a screenshot of that particular story. It’s crucial to exercise caution about the content you share on your Snapchat story, as the arrow indicates that someone has saved your content.

If you observe the arrow on your own story, unfortunately, there isn’t a way to prevent others from taking screenshots.

What Does A Red Arrow Mean On Snapchat:

Another variant of colored arrows on Snapchat includes the red-hued arrow, which typically comes in various forms.

The red solid arrow signifies that the Snap you sent to the recipient does not contain any audio.

The second type is the red unfilled arrow, indicating that the text you sent has been opened without audio.

The third variation is the red double unfilled arrows, which notify you when the recipient takes a screenshot of the audio-less Snap.

Another red variant is the red circle with an arrowhead, signifying that the Snap you sent has been replayed without audio. Snapchat provides notifications for this detail as well.

What Does Green Mean On Snapchat:

One of the aspects of Snapchat that can be perplexing is its use of color-coding for various types of messages or ‘snaps’ you receive in the app.

The filled green arrow is seen when your friend has viewed the cash you sent via Snapcash.

The not-filled lined arrow is the first type of green arrow. The other type is the double-crossed green arrow.

This arrow is predominantly visible when you send a snap to someone or post a picture on your Snapchat story. If someone takes a screenshot of your snaps, you will be notified through this arrow.

What Does A Grey Arrow Mean On Snapchat:

If you observe a solid grey arrow in your text sent to someone, it usually signifies a pending text that is unconfirmed, and the other person may or may not have received your text.

In the case of sending a Snap to someone to whom you’ve recently sent a friend request, and a grey arrow appears, it indicates that they haven’t accepted your friend request yet.

Under this person’s name, you’ll see “Pending” and a filled-in grey arrow. Once they accept your request, your Snap will be sent, and the arrow will turn blue. If your Snap indicates it was delivered but a grey arrow still appears,…

🔯 Filled vs. Lined Arrow:

Snapchat enables users to send temporary photos and videos to friends or post Stories that last for twenty-four hours. The Snapchat algorithm can be somewhat challenging to grasp quickly due to the presence of colored arrows and symbols, including both filled and lined arrows.

Understanding the key points becomes easier once you familiarize yourself with them. The filled arrows in your chats with friends depict texts sent from your end, and they can be of various colors such as red, purple, green, blue, or grey, indicating different types of content like audio, videos, cash, or others.

If the filled arrow transforms into a lined one, it signifies that the text sent from your end to them has been opened and read.

Now, based on whether the arrow is filled or lined, you can determine whether your text has been read or not.

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