Elon Musk is Trying Hard but is it worth it? Or 4 Possible Plans for the Future of X

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It is impossible to ignore the work of Elon Musk. It was especially impossible to ignore him when he turned the bird Twitter into X! The move was shocking to most Twitter users. However, now that things have calmed down, what is X going to bring to the table? What makes the change so different?

This isn’t the first time Elon Musk has shaken up the world. The changes he makes are going to be extremely impactful and far-reaching.  Many people are thinking about what X could look like as time goes on and technology advances. Here are four of the intriguing theories. 

The rumors about X as a Gaming and Gambling Platform 

According to the media, this could be one of the bigger steps for X. It could be a place where people take their hard-earned cash and cryptocurrency to gamble. Elon Musk has said that he wants to turn X into an ‘everything app’ which has some serious implications for the future. For many people, that means having a secure way to play online crypto games.

Bitcoin casino games are a rising star in the gambling industry and they won’t be stopped. Many people love them because they can play their favorite games from anywhere without needing to dress up and head to a casino. Instead, they love the thrill of being able to connect your Bitcoin wallet to your account.

The players prefer online gambling and it shows in how fast these cryptocurrency games have hooked themselves into the public consciousness. Maybe gaming and gambling could be a massive cornerstone for the future of X.

X Wants To Be The One-Stop Shop For Entertainment.

An interesting news article shows that the new Tesla Full Self-driving car uses video footage from other Tesla cars to learn driving behaviors. Many people believe that this same technology could be used for X. We already have curated content feeds that will scan what we like and then connect us to new and similar content. 

But what if we had a system that didn’t look at only what we watched, but also why we watched it? X could very easily create a process where the algorithm focuses on why we watch what we do. Do we like a certain pacing in our content? Do we like seeing attractive members of a certain gender? Do we just want to make sure our content contains an explosion at the end?

Well, if X learns about us the way we want it to, it could give it perfectly curated content that matches everything else we have watched.

X Is A Place For Interactivity and Connection Between Users

Many people think that the rise and advancement of technology is going to make humanity more isolated. We won’t be able to see anything but our screens and the excitement and novelty of human relationships will become a thing of the past. However, X is planning to be a place where users can seriously connect with one another in a marketplace of exchanged ideas.

Elon Musk has stated before that he wants X to be like the company WeChat. WeChat is a Chinese company where users can chat, but also pay for things and do all sorts of other functions all rolled into one. If consumers just need one app to have a lot of options at their fingertips, a lot of them will be flocking to X!

X Is A Place Where Money Flows

Finally, Musk doesn’t just want ideas to flow and move between the application and its users. He also wants money to flow. Whether that is through cryptocurrency payments, real-life cash, or some combination of the two. He wants X to revolutionize the way that people shop for and buy items. 

He has said in a quote: “From an information standpoint, there’s not a huge difference between, say, just sending a direct message and sending a payment. They are basically the same thing. In principle, you can use a direct messaging stack for payments. And so that’s definitely a direction we’re going to go in, enabling people on Twitter to be able to send money anywhere in the world instantly and in real-time.”

X Is Going To Grow And Change, and The Consumers Will See It

It is always exciting to watch the people who have built their own technology empires rise and make these massive changes in the world. It doesn’t matter if you have used Twitter all your life or are just starting to use X right now. The website is going to grow and change into the next big thing. It is gonna be interesting to see!

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