15 Hottest Plus Size Girl Anime Characters – 2023

15 Hottest Plus Size Girl Anime Characters – 2023

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Anime stands out as one of the most influential forms of entertainment, deeply rooted in diverse cultures. Unquestionably, it profoundly impacts us as viewers, shaping our perceptions. Notably, the beauty standards depicted in anime wield a significant influence on our outlook.

Anime frequently showcases stunning characters with svelte waists, embodying the conventional ideals of beauty. However, there arises a need for diversity and body positivity, breaking away from the ubiquitous stereotypical protagonists. Herein, plus-size anime characters emerge as the much-needed departure. Let’s explore which of these atypical characters capture our hearts amidst the sea of traditionally attractive beauties.

15 Plus Size Girl Anime Characters

Could you easily name a plus-size anime girl? Chances are, it’s a challenge, as anime creators infrequently feature them. Some characters may be visibly overweight, while others simply deviate slightly from the norm, resulting in heightened insecurity and significance.

It’s disheartening to delve into the pervasive stereotypes these characters endure, often reduced to one-dimensional food lovers. Let’s now shift the focus to some alluring curvy anime girls who undeniably deserve the spotlight, equal to their counterparts.

Hanako Ohtani 

Hanako Ohtani makes an appearance in the anime Persona 4 The Animation, serving as the first character on our list. She embodies the stereotype of a plump anime girl, with her weight primarily used for comedic effect.

Character Traits:

  • She possesses a strong love for food and is fiercely protective of her meals.
  • Her demeanor is marked by a considerable level of self-assuredness and arrogance.
  • She is a second-year student at Yasogami High School.
  • She shares a close bond with Ms. Kashiwagi and they are often seen together at the Amagi Inn.
  • She is featured in two different games.

Shigemi Kubota 

She belongs to the anime Sakamoto desu ga. She is an amazing person. She is an extremely sweet, chubby anime girl.

Character Traits:

  • She exudes a rather intimidating aura as a mother figure.
  • She is acutely aware of her own attractiveness and takes pride in her appearance.
  • Her maternal instincts are reawakened, making her a distinct and exceptional character worthy of recognition.

Satomi Ishihara

She hails from the anime “Plastic Neesan.” No compilation of Sexy Chubby Anime girls would be comprehensive without her, as she is one of the most celebrated plump anime characters.

Character Traits:

She possesses remarkable confidence and a cheeky demeanor. Her narcissistic tendencies lead her to express her unfiltered thoughts, even if they might come across as offensive to others. She exudes a potent and captivating personality, making her incredibly desirable and influential.

Minamo Aoi

She hails from “Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu.” In this anime, characters are designed with a more realistic portrayal of their features. Unfortunately, the reception from the audience was overwhelmingly negative, and she is among the plus-size anime characters who faced severe criticism.

Character Traits:

  • She is fifteen years old.
  • Initially, she worked as an intern under Masamichi Haru.
  • She is the sibling of Souta Aoi.
  • Through hard work and determination, she steadily advances in her career, ultimately achieving success.

Witch of the Waste

The Witch of the Waste appears in “Howl’s Moving Castle.” She possesses a formidable, malevolent, and wicked nature, which makes her a fitting addition to the list of plus-size anime characters.

Character Traits:

She isn’t merely a wicked character; she epitomizes pure evil. Her extreme narcissism leads her to employ magic to maintain youth and beauty. As the primary antagonist in the film, her malevolence likely stems from society’s failure to meet her expectations.


She hails from the anime “Please Tell Me! Galko-chan” and has left a lasting impression throughout the entire series.

Character Traits:

She’s one of Galko-chan’s schoolmates and a member of the girls’ group. Nikuko defies stereotypes about being overweight by her lively and agile nature. Her nickname, “Sonic Meat,” was coined by boys her age. Her surprising speed dispels misconceptions about fitness and body size.

Tamako Inada

She hails from the anime “Silver Spoon” or “Gin no Saji.” Her remarkably strong personality leaves a lasting impression, and this list would be incomplete without her.

Character Traits:

She is part of Hachiken’s group. Aspires to be a successful businesswoman with a vision to improve her hometown. Her genuine nature is both a strength and a weakness. When she puts effort into her appearance, one of the most remarkable plus-size anime characters becomes a stunning sight. She takes pride in her size.

Yukino Itou

She hails from the anime Real Drive and is among the well-known plus-size anime characters. Additionally, she shares a close friendship with two companions named Minamo and Sayama.

She is a reserved and plump teenager with black eyes and dark hair, often sporting a ponytail. Her charming face is sure to invoke envy in others.

Mirei Yajimma

She is a newcomer from the anime Genshiken Nidaime. Her distinct appearance sets her apart in any crowd, making her one of the well-known plus-size anime characters.


She dresses modestly and has a stocky, overweight appearance. She doesn’t typically wear feminine attire. Yajimma appears to be self-conscious about her appearance.

Natsumi Asaoka

She is a character from the anime “The Kabocha Wine.” Her nickname is “L” due to her cup size, and she’s notably more well-endowed than her partner Shunsuke.


She supports her partner in overcoming clumsiness. She exemplifies a loving partner, embodying the essence of a loving couple. Her inclusion on the list is due to her size.

Yukino Ito

She is a character from the anime RD Sennou Chousashitsu. She is both a close companion of Minami Aoi and a fellow cohort. Initially, she started as an intern at the EISF but later progressed to become a full-time representative.


  • She has an incredibly recognisable appearance.
  • She takes part in a wide range of exercises.
  • She is found to have food at cafes with her friends most of the time. 


Minori is among the attractive plus-size anime characters. She possesses striking green eyes with shades of olive, complemented by her olive-colored hair. Minori is featured in the anime “No-Rin.”


  • She is an over-defensive character. 
  • Her eyes are somewhat vicious and splendid in nature. 
  • The shape of her chubby figure is noteworthy.


Anime holds a significant place in the lives of many teenagers. If you’ve been searching for information about some of the most prominent plus-size anime girls, you’ve found an article that can provide you with the details you seek. Our hope is that this article has fulfilled your informational needs, eliminating the necessity for further research on this topic.

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