How To Find & Accept Follow Requests On TikTok

How To Find & Accept Follow Requests On TikTok

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How To Accept Follow Requests On TikTok:

You have to follow the following steps to accept:

Step 1: Access TikTok and Log In

Open the TikTok app on your device from the app gallery. Once the app is launched, you’ll land on the TikTok home screen. Look for and tap the “Me” icon situated in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Sign up” and proceed to the next screen. To log in to your account, choose “Log In” under the “Already have an account?” section.

You’ll have various login options available such as phone, email, username, or the option to continue with Instagram, Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Select the preferred method to log in.

Step 2: Access Your Inbox

After logging into your account, you’ll be directed to your profile page, displaying your username, follower count, and your uploaded videos. Navigate to the bottom of the page where you’ll find five options: “Home,” “Discover,” “Create,” “Inbox,” and “Me.” Choose the “Inbox” option.

Step 3: Find and Access ‘Follow Requests’

On the “All Activity” page within the Inbox section, locate and select the “Follow Requests” option positioned at the top. This will display all pending follow requests along with your current followers.

Step 4: Accept or Decline Requests

Within the “Follow Requests” section, you’ll see the list of users who have sent you follow requests. Each request will have a pink tick mark and a cross mark adjacent to it. To accept a request, tap on the pink tick mark; to decline, tap the cross mark. This allows you to manage and approve follow requests as desired.

What Does Follow Request Mean On TikTok:

“If you’re wondering about a follow request notification on TikTok, it signifies that someone has shown interest in following your TikTok account. This notification serves as an alert that someone wishes to engage with the content you share on your TikTok profile.

The decision to accept or decline this follow request is entirely yours. It’s recommended to exercise caution, especially if you’re unsure about the sender. Take a moment to check their profile for any red flags or suspicious activity before granting access to your content.

In case you’re receiving multiple follow requests from accounts that appear fake or spammy, consider adjusting your TikTok privacy settings. These settings allow you to control who can send you follow requests, providing an added layer of security and helping you filter out undesired or questionable accounts.”

Why Did I Get A Follow Request On TikTok:

If you have a private account, you get ‘Follow Requests’ because the app lets you choose whose request you want to accept and who you wish to include in your close ones in your follower list.

However, things are slightly different when you have a public account involved. In a public account, the user does not need to accept the ‘Follow Requests’ coming their way; in a public account, all the ‘Follow Requests’ get automatically accepted.

So, you get ‘Follow Requests’ only if the account you have is a private one and not a public one.

How To Know If Someone Declined Your Follow Request On TikTok:

“If the individual has accepted your follow request, their profile will appear on your page. If it doesn’t, the only way to confirm the status of your request is by visiting their profile.

If you recall their username, visiting their profile is the key. If the profile still displays ‘Requested,’ it indicates that the person hasn’t accepted your request or hasn’t viewed it. However, if you see the ‘Follow’ option, it suggests that your request has been declined.”

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