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0969 What Network? Globe or Smart- Find Out Now!

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Are you curious to know what 0969 Network is? Do you want to know if it is Globe or Smart? All such questions might be arising in your mind regarding this unknown number. Here in this article, we will let you know the answer that will satisfy you and clear your doubts about this four-digit number.

But before we move into the number’s network, we need to understand what this number is and why it is being used. So, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s start this interesting content journey about the 0969 number.

Understanding 0969 

0969 is actually a four-digit code, or it is a prefix number that is used at the start of a network number when you dial a call or receive a call. The Purpose of using this number is to verify its original network so that users can make voice chats accordingly, and the network operators create it.

However, without knowing the prefix number, it isn’t easy to verify the network. So, network operators ensure users with such codes to distinguish between the networks. Different network calls can cost more than the same network, so it is also crucial to understand the prefix numbers so you can save the maximum of your network load.

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0969 What Network?

Let’s now understand 0969 what network means to identify the network of this four-digit code. This code is registered by the smart communication networks that are established in the Philippines. 

The company assures users to add this 0969 code before the number, for example, 12345678 as 096912345678, now it becomes the number of Smart Network. If you put any other code, then it will become the number of another network. It is the identifying code for a Mobile network.

0969 What Network?- Globe or Smart

The 0969 is the network code that belongs to the smart communications, and it can be the Globe or Smart. It appears in the SIM card number, so it is possible to call international mobile networks via this 0969 network. However, additional charges for foreign calls can be higher than the national.

The sim card with the 0969 code can be availed and registered with your national identity card, and you can also order the sim online via different selling platforms. Once you receive your sim, you have to register to use and access it.  

Advantages of Using 0969 Network

There are numerous benefits of using a 0969 sim card network on your mobile. Some of the essentials are as follows:

  • Affordable Top-ups: The 0969 network provides affordable top-ups for voice calls, text messages, and internet services. 
  • Wide Coverage: This network provides a long and wide range coverage, and it is spread to almost every location in the Philippines.
  • Numerous services: This network also provides numerous services to users, such as sending messages, voice calls, internet services, and much more.
  • Convenient registration: The registration of the 0969 network or smart communication network is easy for the users. Just a national identity verification is required, and you are eligible to use it.

Uses of 0969 Network

The following are the uses of 0969 Network;

  1. Voice Calls: 0969 Network is compatible for users to make voice calls to family, friends, and relatives around the world. The abroad calls are slightly more expensive than the domestic calls.
  1. Internet Services: 0969 Provides affordable and super-fast internet services inside the country, and it serves as a convenient network for the Internet. 
  1. Text messages: This network also allows users to send and receive text messages from their friends, family, and relatives throughout the world.


The 0969 is the four-digit code that is used as a mobile number registered under the Smart communication network operators in the Philipines. The Purpose of this network is to make verifications easy for the users between the networks. The smart communication network, or 0969, provides many services for the users.

The services include such as Internet, voice calls, and text messaging. This network also has many advantages for the users, which include a wide range of coverage, affordable top-ups, and easy-to-register SIM cards.

This network, 0969, is now becoming the priority for users to choose among the other telecommunication services. It is due to the it’s incredible service. This article has described all the crucial details about the 0969 network, so you must read to learn.

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