What are db.crypt12 files in the Whatsapp Databases folder?

What are db.crypt12 files in the Whatsapp Databases folder?

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WhatsApp Messenger, the popular Android messaging programme, generates a CRYPT12 file, an encrypted database. Messages sent and received using the app are stored in a 256-bit AES secured database.

In order to back up a user’s messages, WhatsApp employs an encrypted database file (.DB) with a.crypt12 extension, which is a .DB.CRYPT12 file. From its inception, WhatsApp has used a variety of encryption techniques to protect its users’ messages. If you use WhatsApp, you may come across.CRYPT7,.CRYPT8,.CRYPT10, or.crypt12 files, which are encrypted message backups.

To see the message history contained in a CRYPT12 database, you must first identify your WhatsApp key file, which holds the encryption key for your CRYPT12 file. /data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key is the location of your key file.

Data for the CRYPT12 database is stored on the SD card of Android phones and tablets running WhatsApp Messenger. /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases is where you’ll locate your CRYPT12 file (or any other WhatsApp encrypted database file).

YYYY-MM-DD dates may appear in the file names of CRYPT12 database files in the Databases directory. Whatsapp generates new backup files on a regular basis, and the dates in these files’ filenames denote the time they were produced;

These old backup files can be removed to save up space on your SD card without harming WhatsApp communications. If you ever need to restore your WhatsApp conversation history, you should always maintain at least one or two CRYPT12 files.

Crypt12 files are only created in the Android version of WhatsApp Messenger, not in the iOS version. There are no CRYPT12 files created by WhatsApp on iOS or the desktop version.

Thus, in conclusion, WhatsApp Messenger uses a database file called DB.CRYPT12 to store user information. It has an encrypted conversation history database.

WhatsApp added the.CRYPT12 file extension to the.DB file, resulting in the DB.CRYPT12 file. It is used by WhatsApp to protect the Android user’s message database. WhatsApp changes the algorithm it employs to encrypt the database files with each new release. The DB file extension, such as.CRYPT6,.CRYPT7, or.CRYPT8 specifies the encryption technique utilised.


Can you delete db.crypt12 files from your device?

Yes, you can easily delete db.crypt12 files from your device from WhatApp Databases Folder without causing any hindrance in the functionality of either WhatsApp or your device.

Since these files are just backup files for WhatsApp conversations, they will be created all over again the next time WhatsApp is set to backup your chats.

For example, if you have set the backup cycle on the ‘Daily’ frequency, WhatsApp will create a new db.crypt12 file every day at a certain time. Thus, even if you delete the previous db.crypt12 file, it should not do any harm to your device or your WhatsApp conversations, in general.

However, if you delete the all db.crypt12 files and then uninstall Whatsapp a while after, you can not backup your conversations when you reinstall WhatsApp again. Since these are backup files of your chats which you have deleted and WhatsApp did not create another one (since you uninstalled WhatsApp), deleting them means losing your chat backup.


How to decrypt WhatsApp db.crypt12 files without keys?

The technique below decrypts WhatsApp messages on Android. Before you begin, make a copy of your WhatsApp database to avoid erasing the original.

To do so, launch your Android File Explorer. Then make a folder or a card. Go to /WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt on your SD card. Then copy the msgstore.db.crypt files into the newly created folder.

Now, we have two methods for decrypting db.crypt12 files on PC, depending on whether you have a rooted or an unrooted device.

  1. (For Rooted Devices) WhatsApp crypt12 database decryption on PC
  2. (For Unrooted Devices) Download WhatsApp Database crypt12 for PC

Method 1. (For Rooted Devices) Decrypt WhatsApp Database crypt12 without Key on PC

  • Whatsapp encrypts every data and saves it in.crypt5/7/8/12 format. However, on a rooted Android phone, Whatsapp Viewer can simply decrypt and read these encrypted messages.
  • Locate your WhatsApp backup file, msgstore.db.crypt12, under Device Storage/WhatsApp/Database.
  • From /data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key, locate your Key file, which contains the decryption key needed to decrypt an encrypted file.
  • Connect your phone to your PC and copy the msgstore.db.cryptX database and key file to your computer.
  • Install the Whatsapp Viewer on your computer. Launch Whatsapp Viewer and navigate to File > Decrypt.crypt12.
  • You must now load your database and key files. To import the database file, click the “…” button next to the database file box, and then do the same with the key file. Then, to decrypt the database file, click OK.
  • The decryption is complete when you see the message “Database decrypted to file msgstore.decrypted.db.” In the folder where you saved the database file and key file, you’ll discover a file called “msgstore.decrypted.db.”
  • Relaunch WhatsApp viewer and select File>Open. To import your msgstore.decrypted.db file, select the “…” option and then OK.
  • You may now choose the mobile number in the right panel and view the chats in the left panel. If you like, you can export it in.txt/.html/.json format.

Method 2. (For Unrooted Devices) Read WhatsApp Database db.crypt12 without Key on PC

  • We can utilise one of the decryption programmes available in the Google Play Store to assist us decrypt the database into something human-readable. Omni-crypt is a suggested programme that you can utilise. It can quickly decrypt WhatsApp Database without requiring root access.

Please keep in mind that the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor is required to extract the encryption key in order to decrypt the database above the crypt6 version.

  • Connect your Android phone to a computer via a USB cable. Omni-crypt can be downloaded and installed on your Android device.
  • Download WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor from github.com to your computer.
  • Locate the file WhatsAppKeyDBExtract.sh in the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor folder. Select Properties from the context menu by right-clicking on it.
  • Check the box next to Allow executing file as programme on the Permissions tab.
  • After that, open the WhatsAppKeyDBExtract.sh file in Mac’s Terminal.
  • When it asks you to unlock your device and confirm the backup, open your Android phone and select BACK UP MY DATA.
  • Waiting for WhatsAppKeyDBExtract to restore WhatsApp, and then pressing Enter to exit the Terminal.
  • Now launch Omni-crypt on your Android device. Tap ENABLE CRYPT 6-12 BACKUPS, followed by DECRYPT WHATSAPP DATABASE.
  • Open the WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor folder and navigate to the extracted folder. The files’msgstore.db’ and ‘wa.db’ can be found here. ‘msgstore.db’ holds all messages, including attachments, and ‘wa.db’ stores all contact information.
  • Use the ‘Whatsapp Viewer’ software and enter the paths to’msgstore.db’ and ‘wa.db’. All of the conversation messages that were taken from the database will be displayed.


How to Decrypt & Read Chats from db.crypt12 files on Android?

Below is a step-by-step guide on decrypting and reading chats from db.crypt12 files on Android:

Step 1: Disconnect WhatsApp from Google Drive Backup.

  • On your computer, navigate to drive.google.com.
  • Navigate to “My Drive”->”Settings”->”Manage Applications”. Take a copy of the WhatsApp Crypt12 file.
  • Select “WhatsApp Messenger” and then select “Options”->”Disconnect from Drive”.
  • (Skip if you are not presented with this choice.)

Note: If you have a large backup file on your hard drive, it may take a few moments for WhatsApp Messenger to appear in the Apps list.

  • On your Android phone, open WhatsApp Messenger, navigate to “Settings”>”Chats”>”Chat Backup”>”Backup to Google Drive,” and then select the “Never” option.

Step 2: Deactivate Verification in two stages.

1) Open WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device > [Additional Options] > Account > Settings > Two-step verification

2) Verify that it is disabled.

Step 3: Backup WhatsApp Conversations on an Android Phone

You can skip this step if you already have a backup created on your android phone. If not, go ahead with the steps enlisted below:

  • On Android, navigate to WhatsApp Messenger > [More Options] > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • Squeeze the [BACK UP] button.

Step 4: Save the Android smartphone’s information to the storage device.

  • Download and install Backuptrans WA Sync on your Android phone from HERE.
  • Launch Backuptrans WA Sync and select the “Copy Data” option. Ascertain that a “Successfully duplicated” notification appears on your phone.

Step 5: Copy the WhatsApp folder from your Android phone to your computer.

Copy the whole WhatsApp folder from your Android phone’s Android/media/com.whatsapp directory to your PC.

Tip: If your device has internal storage, the WhatsApp folder is located within it. If your device lacks internal storage, the folder will be stored on an SD Card or External SD Card.

Step 6: Download and install Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer on your PC.

Step 7: On the computer, launch the Backuptrans WhatsApp transfer software.

On the Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer software, navigate to “File”->”Import Android WhatsApp Backup Data.”

Alternatively, right-click the local database icon and select the “Import Android WhatsApp Backup Data” option from the menu.

Step 8: Choose an encrypted WhatsApp backup file.

Locate the WhatsApp folder on your computer that you saved from your Android phone in step 4. To continue, select the WhatsApp backup database file (msgstore.db.crypt12) and click “OK.”

To decrypt, select the Android WhatsApp Backup Crypt2 File.

Step 9: Verify your phone number in order to access WhatsApp conversations.

After entering your phone number, click the “Next” button. When you receive a text message containing a six-digit code, simply input it to begin loading WhatsApp chats from your Android device.

Please double-check that the phone number you give matches the one used for the WhatsApp backup.


How to solve problems with DB.CRYPT12 files?

Here is how you can solve problems with db.crypt12 files on different OS:


Make sure you’re using the correct file extension for the application you’re working with. On Windows, right-click on any DB.CRYPT12 file and select “Open with” > “Choose another software” from the drop-down menu. Select a different programme and check the option that says “Use this app to open *.DB.CRYPT12 files on a regular basis.”


Select the DB.CRYPT12 file with the right click (or Ctrl-click) and then select “Open with” > “Other…” from the context menu. Then select a different programme and tick the “Always Open With” box to make it the default.


Right-click on the file and select “Open with,” then select a different software from the drop-down menu.


Select the file by tapping it. If you do not see an app to open the file, press Share “Share” and select an app from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can save the document. Then launch the Files application Files application. Thereafter, push down on the file for a long period of time before releasing your finger. You will notice a black navigation bar at the top of the screen. Then select an app from the “Share” drop-down menu.


On your smartphone, hit the Settings icon, then select the Apps section from the drop-down menu. Then, in the top right-hand corner of the screen, select the Options icon to make changes to the default applications.

Because only the most recent version of the software supports the DB.CRYPT12 file format, look for an available version of WhatsApp, for example, on the manufacturer’s website. DB.CRYPT12 is an update to the WhatsApp Encrypted Database File.

Obtain the DB.CRYPT12 file once more and run it through antivirus software to ensure that it is not corrupted or contaminated with a virus before proceeding.

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