Facebook Profile Viewer: How To View Private Facebook Profiles & Posts

Facebook Profile Viewer: How To View Private Facebook Profiles & Posts

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To access the private posts of a Facebook profile, follow these steps: Go to the Facebook search bar and search for the profile’s URL. Alternatively, you can explore various viewer tools designed to reveal a user’s private content.

By employing these methods, you can uncover all of a Facebook profile’s photos, even those that are hidden from view.

If your goal is to view all of a user’s private Facebook photos, it’s essential to first understand where these photos are stored.

How to View Private Facebook Profiles & Posts:

There are methods you can employ to access locked or private Facebook profiles and photos. You can also utilize a Facebook profile viewer tool on your device by entering the Facebook profile URL.

This tool will reveal limited private content if it exists in the database.

1. mSpy Private Viewer:

mSpy is a spying tool with the capability to view private Facebook profiles. It comes with additional spying features. To use this tool, you must have an mSpy account.

? Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Visit the mSpy website.

Step 2: Enter your email address and order your account.

Step 3: You’ll receive an email from mSpy containing your account credentials.

Step 4: Choose and purchase an mSpy plan. Your account will be ready after the subscription payment.

Step 5: Install the app on the target device and set it up. Then, log in to your control panel to view the user’s private Facebook activities.

2. Using Spyera Tool:

Spyera is a premium app that allows you to view private Facebook photos and track cell phones, calls, and SMS. It provides comprehensive information about any Facebook account, including private posts and photos. This tool is available for iOS devices without restrictions, and you need to purchase a subscription for at least 3 months.

You may need rooted Android devices for some features, but a web-based dashboard is also available. If you want to view private Facebook photos, this software can help you accomplish the task.

3. Target Friends of that Person:

A common method to view private Facebook photos is by adding friends of the person to your list. This reveals photos under the ‘Friends of friends’ privacy setting, helping you see tagged photos shared with friends. As you become friends with the person’s close friends, you can access these photos.

Consider targeting 4 to 5 individuals to increase your chances of finding every photo, even for future posts. However, this method is limited to revealing tagged photos that are not public.

4. Become a Fake Friend: Anonymous Way:

For photos shared with friends but not publicly or with tags, the only way to view them is by becoming a friend of that person. You can view private profiles anonymously by sending friend requests with multiple fake IDs if you’re concerned about revealing your real Facebook ID. Once the request is accepted, you can access anything visible to friends on the person’s profile.

Keep in mind that some users may not accept requests from unknown people, in which case third-party apps might be useful.

How to View Photos of a Private Facebook Profile:

There are several methods you can try to view photos from a private Facebook profile:

1. Facebook Bug Trick: Tagged Photos

Facebook has a feature in the search bar that is a helpful method to access the private photos of any Facebook profile. This bug has been kept open by Facebook, making it a valuable tool to identify the person you are searching for on the platform.

To view the private photos of a Facebook account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Search for ‘Photos of (Name)’ in the Facebook search bar, and Facebook will list all possible photos related to the person. You can also use the Facebook Photo search and enter the person’s name.

Step 2: Once the search is complete, all photos will become visible. You can also use filters to refine your search.

Step 3: For posts, apply a filter to see only posts, and for videos, use the filter ‘Videos’ to speed up the process and obtain accurate results.

This method is also useful for accessing photos from a Facebook profile that are hidden on the timeline. You can identify private profiles that do not appear in regular searches.

However, keep in mind that this method may display other photos if there are profiles with similar names. In such cases, scroll down to find the appropriate target.

2. Use Facebook Search: Photos of <Name>:

As private profile photos are not readily visible on the user’s profile, you can use a specific trick to find them. Search for the person’s photos directly on Facebook by entering ‘Photos of (user’s name)’ in the search bar. This will display the available photos of the user.

3. Google Search Person’s Name:

Another method is to search for the person on Google to find more information about them. To view the user’s pictures, search for the person’s name on the Google search bar and navigate to the Image section of the search results to access their photos.

4. Check Other Social Media Platforms:

You can also utilize other social media profiles of the user to access photos from their private Facebook profile. Search for the user on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and then find their profile on these platforms.

Check for pictures posted by the user on these profiles. Just because their Facebook account is private doesn’t mean their Instagram has to be private as well. If their Instagram is private, you can check their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to find their pictures.

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